How to identify present God in human form

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Recognition of contemporary human incarnation is the most crucial point since we can worship God directly through contemporary human incarnation only. The recognition is to be done by examining various messages of divine knowledge rendered by the spiritual preachers and through the true and excellent spiritual knowledge only, you have to recognize the contemporary human incarnation. If you want to give gold medal to the top most meritorious student in the class, you have to examine the answer scripts written by all the students of the class and depending on the highest marks, you have to select the gold medalist. Similarly, you have to examine the messages of all the preachers and then recognize the incarnation through the merit of the message.

You should not fix some student as the gold medalist in the beginning itself and then allot highest marks to his answer script. Today, people are doing exactly the same mistake. They enquire and examine the preacher through various other aspects and decide some preacher as the incarnation and then treat his knowledge as the true knowledge. Veda says that true (Satyam Jnanam) and excellent (Prajnanam) spiritual knowledge alone is the real identification of God. Therefore, you have to examine the knowledge first and not the preacher. While you are examining the answer scripts of the students, you are unaware of any student. You are giving highest marks simply based on the merit of the answer without knowing the student of that script. You are not aware of the personal merits and personal defects of the student while giving the highest marks to a particular script. You are not judging the student by his character and conduct. The knowledge of the student alone is relevant basis for giving the gold medal. Similarly, the true and excellent spiritual knowledge alone is the deciding factor because you are going to get the right direction in your spiritual journey through the true knowledge only. The examination of Gita gives the identification of God. You are concerned only about Gita since it gives the right direction for your spiritual uplift. Based on this only, you should conclude that the Author of Gita must be God.

You are not concerned about the merits and defects of the Author of Gita, which are not relevant to your spiritual progress. He might have stolen butter or might have danced with girls since those factors are not going to help you in any way in your spiritual journey. The advice given by Him to you alone is relevant to you. There may be so many unknown reasons for His behavior about which, your capacity is not sufficient to analyze. Such unnecessary analysis is unnecessary for your spiritual journey. What you require is only the correct advice about the correct spiritual path. Therefore, you have to recognize God through such correct advice which is called as true spiritual knowledge. After recognition, you should not analyze the other aspects of God. After giving highest marks to the answer script, you should give the gold medal to the writer. You should not stop the gold medal since the student is smoking. You have read the Bible and concluded that the Speaker of the Bible should be God. The Author of the Bible might have taken the wine of grapes or might have taken the non-vegetarian dish. You may search for the reasons of such specific behavior of the incarnation. But your faith on Him as God should not be disturbed if you have not got the answer in your analysis. You may find out the reason for the smoking of gold medalist. But you should not keep the gold medal in suspension till you find out the reason. Whether you find out the reason or not the gold medalist is a gold medalist.

Therefore, it is the climax of the foolishness of the ignorance to decide some person as God first and then believe his knowledge as the true knowledge. You have to impartially examine the knowledge of various preachers and the best selected knowledge must lead you to its author as God. Such God may belong to your caste or not, may belong to your religion or not, may belong to your nation or not since God is always universal and His preaching is also universal since He is the creator of the entire humanity. Gita also says that the Preacher of the true knowledge is God (Jnanitvaatmaiva….). This means that the merit of the knowledge alone should be the deciding factor in recognizing God.

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True preacher........

I think true preacher don't want that all shall follow him... but he really keen to share his knowledge with others..... like when you are want to share it with others.
Real student attract to his teacher by his knowledge first and then his physical appearance.
Thanks for sharing.

bonya basu | Wed, 11/17/2010 - 09:16
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The possessor of right and excellent knowledge is God

Veda says that God is the infinite right knowledge
God is the excellent knowledge
The Author himself can alone give the correct sense of his own statement.

Veda says that God is the infinite right knowledge and that God is the excellent knowledge (Satyam Jnanam…, Prajnanam….). This does not mean that God is the knowledge itself. It only means that the possessor of right and excellent knowledge is God and such knowledge is His correct identification mark since it is His inseparable characteristic. If some body wears a red shirt always, the red shirt becomes his identity mark and you can call him as the red shirt like calling “Oh! Red shirt! Come here”.

Gita gives clarification on this point, which says that the possessor of knowledge is God (Jnaanitvaatmaiava……). Since God enters the human being only, such identification is mentioned. The human being is always characterized by the knowledge. Knowledge is one sided characteristic of awareness. It means knowledge is always associated with awareness and awareness need not be associated always with knowledge.

An animal or bird has awareness but no knowledge. Therefore, you should not take awareness as the meaning of the words indicating knowledge in Veda like Jnanam and Prajnanam. This clarification is given in Gita, which says that God enters human body (Manusheem….).

Hence, Gita always gives clarifications on Veda. Such correct clarification can be correctly clarified by the human incarnation only since the same God, who said Gita, can alone give the original sense of the text. The Author himself can alone give the correct sense of his own statement. Since, God is one and the same in all the human incarnations, any human incarnation can clarify the text said by any other human incarnation.
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dattaswami2 | Wed, 11/17/2010 - 14:57