How I met Swamiji ?

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I discovered Swami Nithyananda for the first time on the internet in 2003/2004 in Dhyanapeetam website describing His life and mission to the world. From the first time I saw Swamiji I felt as if I knew Him and that He is part of my spiritual life.

I had another guru by then but Swamiji’s presence was always with me and I was certain I was about to meet Him one day.
… Patiently I was waiting for THIS DAY.

The feeling of intense Joy and Bliss He was radiating from the beginning was amazing and unique compared to all the gurus I have ever seen ! There was something special about Him that I couldn’t explain or describe in words. His JOY seemed beyond ordinary limits !

With the guru I had at that time in France our group was travelling regularly to India. Our spiritual master brought us several times to India introducing us to Indian spirituality in different temples and at Sathya Sai Baba ashram.

It was indeed at Sathya Sai Baba ashram that I had many great spiritual experiences and many of them were announcing The Meeting with Swamiji. A vision was constantly coming to my mind in which my guru of that time and his disciples were going on one way and I was going in the opposite direction where a radiant being wearing orange clothes and flower garlands was welcoming me. I was not seeing clearly His face but I was feeling his tremendous Energy and Love. This spiritual guru was ressembling to Sai Baba while still being different.

Another vision another day was that the same spiritual incarnation was walking in front of thousands of people in the middle of a huge stadium while I was humbly sitting in the audience. When he arrived in front of me he nicely smiled at me and blessed me.

A feeling of practicing yoga intensely came with these two visions as well and I re-started the yoga practice immediately.

In India according to the feelings I had it was clear that once back to France I had to leave my guru and meet the new Incarnation … However once in Paris my mind was not clear anymore about this and I was scared that my ego was encouraging me to leave the group and my guru. So I didn’t change anything to the situation and stayed with the same guru and his group trying to adapt myself to them peacefully.

This is how when Swamiji came to France in 2006 I was not present to meet Him but still with my guru and his group.
As another sign of the divine, an email came as well from the French spiritual network to invite me to meet Swamiji but I was busy that day with my guru’s events and communication and I discovered it too late.

Three days after Swamiji’s coming to Paris I suddenly realized deeply in my heart that I missed The Opportunity of my Life and I wrote a long email to the ashram asking them to put me in contact with the Paris group. But nothing happened the answer didn't come or maybe has been lost in unknown messages or spam box... It was not the right moment…

Four years passed and I was not having any other spiritual guru. I was learning some music with a music master and opened two organisations. I was evolving by myself guided through my intuition.

And Finally... when I was not expecting anything anymore, an E-Kalpataru has been organized in Paris by Guadeloupe and French devotees in 2010. A friend of mine Albert(Nithya Ajita) has been designed to be in charge of organizing the E-kalpataru in Paris before Guadeloupe devotees came but as he was very ill, he called me to replace him.

Suddenly without even thinking, as a good helping friend and lover of spirituality I started to search for halls and technical material thinking how to organize the best this “unknown” event for Swami Nithyananda in Paris. I was not knowing anything about e-kalpataru or what exactly was supposed to happen but everything seemed normal as I was knowing Swamiji for a long time.

Naturally the moment to join was THAT MOMENT… So simple, so natural everything was flowing...

Suddenly during my research of a hall, I just stopped for a while and felt how strange and nice this situation was and I felt very touched as I realized that it was Swamiji himself who chosed me to help to organize the e-kalpataru. I was amazed to see suddenly how He has been in constant contact with me in a subtle way until that moment and how much patience He had to wait for me to come.

This e-kalpataru program organised in France has been the most beautiful, intense and "effortless" program organised that I have ever seen. The beauty of sharing the work with the sangha and the connexion with the master was amazing. Naturally I popped in this Sangha and assumed my resposibility.

Since 2010 the connexion with the master went increasing and it became more and more clear that He was my Satguru to bring me to enlightenment and to the realization of my mission of life.

Just as another proof of His presence in my past visions I heard Him recently saying these words to Canadian devotees online in Kodaikanal : “For 2012 Tour to Canada try to have a big stadium with at least 10 000 people for my coming”.

These words were making sense and starting from this point I visited all my story of spirituality and spiritual experiences in Kodaikanal during The Nirahara Samyama. I saw then clearly how The Cosmic Incarnation and the whole Existence played this great leela of loosing Swamiji and finding Him again coming close to Him and to the Sangha and finding myself at the same time. The story of my whole life and mission became clear and I committed myself definitely in my heart to Swamiji’s work and mission.

I know now that this feeling connexion with the Master is strong and I will never loose the path again.
I will only evolve blissfully from now and radiate more and more in the direction The Satguru is showing.

Thank you Swamiji for the constant LOVE and GUIDANCE during all these years. I am so happy to be part of the French Sangha and Nithyananda Sangha.

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Beautiful account! Who was

Beautiful account!

Who was that previous guru of yours at that time?

Indeed, Putaparti is a place of visions...

Even if he is not a satguru and will not bring you to enlightenment and to the realization of your mission of life, the connection you feel towards him is enough (the rest is only speculations).

samsara | Tue, 08/13/2013 - 19:24