How God Looks at Us

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This is the closing of one of WIlliam LePar's lectures given many years ago. What is presented is certainly timeless.

"I’d like to share with you one final insight from The Council which will bring my segment to an end. This final quote summarizes our status in the eyes of this Divine Presence. It shows us also how to view each other. What I found very interesting was that The Council said this is the way this Divine God or this Infinite Father looks at us, what he thinks of us. It goes this way:

'You are a glorious being. You are deserving of all the godly love possible and it is your responsibility to love yourself to the greatest degree possible, to respect yourself to the greatest degree possible. To do anything less is sad, truly sad. To set aside all that beauty and power and the glory that is yours by your birthright is sad especially when the only way that that can be set aside is to exchange it for something so trivial as the self-serving ego. Set aside the selfish ego and take on the godly ego. Adorn yourself with the golden robes that you were given as your birthright and walk proudly sharing yourself with others. Walk proudly picking those up around you as others will pick you up. Resurrect yourself at this time. Accept your divinity. Carry your heads high and be proud that you are truly a son and a daughter of the Divine. You are nothing less than the heirs to all of creation that is and all that will ever be.'

That is the way this Divine Essence looks at us. His sons, his daughters adorned in golden robes walking hand in hand with our brothers and sisters carrying each other being able to justly hold our head proud, inheriting all that has been created and all that ever will be created in the future.

In respects to each of you I would like to personally salute each of you as ambassadors of God’s love."

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Thank you!

Thank you for such a beautiful massage!
I reciprocate the same to you and all my Divine friends!!!

bonya basu | Mon, 03/04/2013 - 11:31