How to free from karma - by doing or not doing ?

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What is karma ? according to my little knowledge what actions you are doing that is kriya , the effect of kriya is karma. Based on the KARMA only we are getting births again and again. by doing one action also there is some side effect ,in other words by doing one Karma , negative karma also added.
example when you are walking so many ants are died . when you are riding the bike , may not be your intention you are disturbing some other person .

SO how to come out of this loop ? Big Question . who will answer me .. I tried various books . In some book i read Lord Krishna said " Surrender me I ll get out of all your karma ".

My dear friends give your valuable comments also

Endrum anbdan
Sethu Sankaran

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We are born human.So doing

We are born human.So doing karma is a must.We have to perform karmas through our karmendriyas and jnanendriyas.All these are attached to another organ mind.Above mind there is another component ie intellect.As long as your mind is under the controle of buddhi(intellect), you perform good karmas and you get punya creditted.But if the mind is dragged by sensory organs and it is not in the control of buddhi,you start doing evil deeds there by you get papa(-ve score)in your balance sheet .So you are the master of your future.So the 11 horses tied to the arjunas chariot are the one mentioned above.Sarathi is sri krishna (intellect)and arjuna is parthiva shareera.So the karma performed by arjuna is dharma because he was led by the great intellect krishna

mbnarayana | Fri, 07/17/2009 - 12:06
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"example when you are walking so many ants are died . when you are riding the bike , may not be your intention you are disturbing some other person ."

Karma is about awareness, understanding, clarity, and ultimately about losing interest in the battles waged within. For most, these are hard won 'lessons' that must be played out experientially.

It's not about right/wrong, good/evil, harming ants or disturbing people, and it certainly isn't about balance sheets and credits. Nature is murderous in her spontaneous functioning, wontonly and gloriously destructive, as well as creative, in her expression. Supporting the infinite variations of expression and movement is what she does and insuring no harm ever come to any of her creatures is obviously not the focus. Birth and death are parts of the same movement and one is no more a problem to be solved than the other.

If you were to experience the need to harm, this comes from ignorance, and clarity is needed, not to keep you from harming, but to dissolve the ignorance.

Karma is ultimately an interest in the world of illusion, and this can mean fear, anger, jealousy and greed, or it can mean the need to be righteous and make yourself a better person and help yourself and others find happiness in the world of duality. All of it comes from ignorance and this is what karma refers to.

Phroggy | Fri, 07/17/2009 - 17:28
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If the nature is murderous

If the nature is murderous then what is our role? should we not listen to our intellect which says what is good or what is bad .Because the same nature gave us discrimination to decide as to what is good or what is bad.If a fellow comes and slaps on your face,are you going to tolerate,thinking that it is the act of nature?.If you donot react it shows your karmabhrastatha(doing nothing,when the situation demants).

mbnarayana | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 06:45
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Are you other than nature itself? Does the human somehow stand outside of nature so that he can judge and then act on that judgment, or is it all just nature unfolding as it will?

Nature gave you a blessing and a curse; the potential to suffer in the delusion of apparent opposition along with the potential to transcend that suffering in the disolving of that delusion. It is one singular movement of Grace.

Phroggy | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 17:28
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Karma is more simple

Karma is more simple than what we have loaded on this concept. If you get back to the origin - if you read carefully the Hindu scriptures, the Buddhist sutras, as well as texts from other traditions that relate to that concept using other names, you find the same metaphysical truth which you can verify in direct personal experience (e.g. Vipassana meditation) -

Karma is the conditioning of the body-mind machine, the sanskaras, the imprints. It is the personal "If - then - else" programing.

The Karma is what we refer to as the person and it is what incarnates. Buddhists and secular people say there is no soul beyond it, Hindus and other traditions say that there is a soul behind that.

What influences most the Karma (i.e. creates new conditioning imprints and/or strengthen existing ones) is our habitual unconscious reactions which are the conditioning in action. When you are present and aware and thus do not react automatically based on your conditioning, the certain conditioning imprint is eliminated.

When certain levels of conditioning imprints are eliminated, one may experience satory and other parapsychological but temporal states. Most people get stuck in this stage believing that they are enlightened.

Therefore, when you step on an ant unintentionally and automatically reactions of guilt arise, then your Karma is strengthen. If you are aware and act consciously in a non-conflictual manner (e.g. love to the ant but being aware that you didn't do it intentionally and so you couldn't do otherwise etc.) then your Karma is weakened. If you don't care then Karma is not affected - Yes, I know - this is not fair but reality doe not function according to moral and social rules.

So it is not doing or not doing but whether you do unconsciously out of automatic reaction pattern or you do consciously acting (and not reacting) from presence.

It is important to emphasis that this mechanism is not just a body-mind physical-psychological one but has metaphysical aspects, for example, we absorb conditioning patterns from people and other entities that are close to us physically or mentally at a certain point, energies and halos carry sanskaras, and more.

You do not need to believe that the machine is working this way. You can verify it. Certain meditation techniques of awareness open for you the engine hood so that you can experience and see by yourself how the engine actually works. The most potent one for this purpose to the best of my knowledge and experience is Vipassana.

nancy pro | Fri, 07/17/2009 - 19:05
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Vipassana and Sanskaras

Couldn't say it better. I've done Vipassana a la Goenka twice - have seen the machinery working and the results - beyond expectations I had before.

avi | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 16:00
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Just Awaken

Just Awaken and be in total awareness & establish in Sakshi bhava.
Only Awakening is solution and nothing else.

madan_gautam | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 08:41
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Kriya Yoga Self Inquiry self realization Srividya

the above has u want qn or giving ans fools are we who reply...
Bharat matha ki jai.

Arjunan | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 10:14
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How to free from karma

From here, karma is self-imposed in a sense... is all due to one's attachments. It isn't even required to stay alive, obviously, so our lack of acceptance of 'what is' constitutes our karma. In order to be free of it, to 'let go' of what binds us is necessary, in an acceptance of 'things as they are'.

One cannot change the course of events, in my view this is the wrong direction to be thinking. Rather, to be accepting of the events. The "I" that feels to be in control of things is karma.

Omkaradatta | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 17:54
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Asks who?

The problem is not karma or reincarnation but our identification with them, the personification we do to them, association with the "I", which does not exist.

There is karma if you wish to call it so which is simply the cause-and-effect scenario from the perspective of a person. But actually when we say the word Karma or hear the word, there is some magnified connotation that is associated with the word. We do not refer to the simple dry meaning of the word anymore but to some frightening knife held on the neck of the "I". But how something can be a threatening knife if the "I" does not exist as an autonomous independent inherent entity?

Therefore, my suggestion is that instead of inquiring what to do or not to do with Karma, to inquire who is it that inquires.

atlantis | Thu, 07/23/2009 - 20:27
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Awareness and intention

Awareness -

not being aware is lighter then doing something while being aware, less awareness is less responsibility. But, and there is a but - there is also the aspect of negligence which is the worst. If you are aware of not being aware and are comfortable with that in order not to have responsibility - than you are to be held responsible for all your actions, even if you were not aware of them.

Intention -

A knife. A surgeon is using this knife to operate on a patient and he saves the patient's life.

Later a burglar enters the hospital, he grabs the very same knife, runs to administration offices to rob the hospital's money, he stubs the officer and wounds him mortally and runs away with the money.

Both of them used the very same knife to make the very same act. The only difference was the inner intention, the purpose, the volition.

silencio | Fri, 07/24/2009 - 08:47


At a time as we having been is the result of our past works(karamas,duties etc.) which the deeds we have performed with the record in our chitta in previous lives.Main thing is the recording of our karmaqs in our chitta which is a just-like cd,tape,which becomes itself seed(beej)which are also called SANSKARAS in our scriptures and it hides in chitta just to remain potentially in dormant state during the thousands and thousands births,except that of time when it gets appropriate situations to sprout in order to which it becomes gigantic tree and this gigantic tree is called "result of our karamas" Chitta is a part of our Kundalini shakti(PRIMORDIAL ENERGY).This kundalini system remains with us forever through out all the births and chitta may be said as our balance carrying authenticated computerized programmes in two types in the phenomena of nature.These 2 types of SANSKARAS determines our future births and what have to be gotten by us as the results in those births(lives).These 2 types are 2 aspects of karamas done by us, said as-----positive and negative----. positive give us pleasure,enjoyment and all other things towards which our minds hanker.Opposite to it is negative aspect which gives us pain,displeasure,mental dissatisfaction and agony, along-with blow when we want something.Our births and results of our deeds are mixture of these 2.
now your question----if something good is done then along with it something bad automatically,itself unwanted is also done.OK.Please,don't repent on this unwanted happening but attitude of detachment and renunciation should be cultivated,developed as well as adopted.As far as concerning your question to ephemeral world it has no value because of it being unspeakable on worldly surface as per the sociology,public administration,economics and physics etc.but at such level positive thinking + scientific outlook is necessitated to thwart the problem created by your this question.If your question is to be brooded beyond ephemeral phenomena then it has spiritual value.when the karama as seed is recorded in chitta then we are bound to get its results,otherwise not.To avoid this recording we should do our duty as we ourselves having been machine in the custody of GOD(in the hands of GOD).Machine bears no fruits of work which work is done by the machine but owner of the machine(GOD) bears the fruits of works which is worked by machine--------actually it is called surrendered to GOD.These comments are based on yoga darshan,gita and vedanta and such answers are available as most beautifully decorated flowers in the book called "THE GOSPEL OF SRI RAMAKRISHNA"
Remain in thoughtless awareness (nirvichar samadhi) when carrying your duties without attachment but it is very advanced state of yogis.It(samadhi) is the 8th stage of yoga and below this there are another 7 states as--YAM,NIYAM,AASSAN,PRANAYAM,PRATYAHAR,DHARANA,DHYAN AND 8TH IS SAMADHI.SAHAJ YOGA STARTS FROM THE NIRVICHAR SAMADHI ESTABLISHED BY SRIMATAJI NIRMALADEVIJI.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 07/30/2009 - 19:12
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"" Surrender me I ll get out of all your karma ".

Intellectually speaking...since I am still identified with my mind and my ego, and live in past and future:

That quote "Surrender me I ll get out of all your karma" makes sense to me.

But first, I know about New York. I have read about it, heared about it. But have never been there. Never experienced it. I just know it's there. I feel it in my bones that New York is real and is really there, even if I have not experienced it. My faith is that strong. lol.

That said, lest I be accused of pretense to enlightenment,
let's disect that quote, with some definitions:

I assume "Krishna" is the speaker? If so, let's go with that.

Krisha: Represents Pure Consciousness. Being. The "I AM THAT I AM." The "Ream of Pure Potentiality". Universal Mind beyond polarity. The mind is only a small part of this "Pure Consciousness", this "Being" that, you really are. Only, you don't realize it, you think you are your mind.

Mind is polar. Relative, you understand high in relation to low. Etc. Mind also lives in the past and the future. BEING is PRESENT. IS AM. I AM. NOW.

I agree with Nancy, that when mind dwells on the previous moment in which you stepped on an ant, and felt (pastence) about it, and carry that emotional baggae from the past into your present state, and feel guilty now, when the guilty causing event is already in the past, not now..then well...those guily feelings will give you an ulcer.


If you live each moment anew, fresh, clean slate, not loaded down with baggage from the previosu momoment, neither mentally in your thoughts, nor in your physiology, don't get an uncer from having stepped on the ant.

SUPPOSEDLY: Being fully "Present" is a portal that can take you ever more deeply into "BEING", that higher dimension of consciouss other than the polar mind, and it's accumulated baggage from teh past.

So, Krishna representing that state of Pure and HIgher Consciousness, outside of time, means that if you let go of identificaiton with mind and time and baggage, then more ulcers.

Somethign like that.

Quantum | Thu, 11/26/2009 - 07:32
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Earth Require Karma!

The earth plane is a karmic place, there is no getting around it. The word literally meas "it is [the nature of existing on earth]."

Earth is made from many life types [some we do not recognize as life] consuming one another. The "I", ghost or life force enters earth plane consuming, being consumed, being incidentally killed and all other interaction between species are karma acts.

There is a sequence by which every ghost enters earth to evolve through each species in what I call "timeline". Every ghost incarnates following a predetermined series of incarnations as the first specie eating and interacting with its and other species, man included often times as diseases. After completing its time as that specie it evolves to another doing to the previous specie what was done to it when incarnating as it and interacting with yet other species.

By the time the ghost becomes man it will have a vast number of species to interact with. It had been trees used in home building, for firewood, destroyed only to make room for some other of man's construction. It will have been fished for food and often times for fun, been hunted for food and sometimes a trophy, killed only because it was a reptile and walked on like ants, to name a few. Now a man the ghost will incarnate and do back to those lifes what was done to it as them, thus, requiring many incarnations to achieve.

During the incarnation where all karma will be balanced on earth the being goes through a metamorphosis where their body is to become eternal and discarnating ceases. During it, all of the attributes it has experienced become integrated in the personality of the being knowingly, often times having to come almost to the point of actually performing the actions to recognize it is in it. When completed, the soul moves to the next plane we know them as angels, holy ghosts, and other such names as helpers to the beings of earth.

The service by angels to beings of earth is called in the Bible "sowing to the spirit", it is a karma we will have to repay as angels. Therefore, at least to the beginning of the next plane, there will be karma.
Have you questioned your beliefs? Reason the different concepts until all pros and cons are integrated into the 64,800 degrees of your vision.
--Elijah "NatureBoy"--

Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 04/24/2010 - 13:45
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hi pls pls read this

What is Self-realization? It is to know and experience directly who You really are? And who is the doer? The wrong belief that “I am Allen” is destroyed and the right belief that “I am pure Soul” is attained during Self-realization ceremony. Inherent in the belief that “I am the doer”, is the root cause of binding, or charging new karmas. “Allen” is just a title given to identify the body.

Through Akram Vignan, one can achieve Self-realization, in just 2 hours by undergoing Gnan-Vidhi ceremony from the current link of the Gnani., Pujyashri Deepakbhai Desai. During this ceremony, ignorance is dispelled and true knowledge of the Self is revealed.

After Self-realization, karmas cease to be charged because the sense of doership has been eliminated at the subtlest level of ego. This process of ego purification unfolds as one follows the five cardinal principles (five Agnas) which are outlined by the Gnani Purush during the Gnan-Vidhi ceremony.

Though all external actions of mind, speech and body continue as is after Self-realization, the pending karmas (those that have been charged in previous life), must be discharged with equanimity before ultimate liberation is attained. The five principles (Agnas) are the master key for accelerating this process.

Rushabh | Fri, 05/07/2010 - 18:31
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This is day to clear your Karma

What is Pradosham?

Pradosham is a specific window of time that occurs during the day. It is believed that the energy during this time makes it easier to dissolve and release karma. Stories, sounds and rituals have been created around this time to help us better work with and understand the significance of these karma busting energies.

Dr. Pillai says that when the world begins to remember Pradosham times and observe its rituals, it is a sign that we are moving out of the Age of Ignorance into the Age of Truth, the time of Higher Intelligence.

There are three different energy levels to Pradosham depending on which day of the month that it occurs. Each energy level indicates how much karma may be released at that time. Dr. Pillai says all three levels of Pradosham are designed to help speed our evolution and make our lives easier and happier.
When does it occur?

All Pradoshams occur between 1-1/2 hours before and right up until the moment of sunset in the time zone where you are physically. The smaller energy level Pradoshams occur every day during this time.

The middle energy level Pradoshams occur twice each month - on the 13th moon day after the New Moon and after the Full Moon. To determine on which days these Pradoshams occur, begin your count on the actual New Moon or Full Moon day and count that day as "1". Continue the count until you reach "13".

If you are counting from the Full Moon, Pradosham will normally occur two days before the next New Moon, and if you are counting from the New Moon Pradosham will normally occur two days before the next Full Moon.

The larger energy level Pradosham occurs when one of the 13th moon days occurs on a Saturday. The planet Saturn is considered an Archetypal Agent of Karma who delivers many of life's tougher lessons to help us refine and evolve their souls. On a Saturday Pradosham it is believed that the Archetypal Being Shiva has more influence over Saturn and can cause Saturn to loosen or release entirely some of the karmic bonds that limit us.
What is the benefit of Pradosham?

There are many levels of benefit from Pradosham. On the most immediate, practical level it is an opportunity to cleanse and release more of the karmic poisons that can limit our freedom and happiness.

On a more esoteric level it is an opportunity to think about how the poisons of life, such as anger, jealously, attachment and self-centeredness, can destroy our peace and enjoyment. It is also a time to reflect on how there is help from a higher intelligence, especially if we will focus our growth in that direction.

In the Pradosham story, a magical snake volunteered to serve as a rope to churn a magical mountain in a magical ocean of milk.

The angels pulled from the snake's tail and demons pulled from the snake's head. They worked very hard and were rewarded with many gifts that emerged from the ocean, including Archetypal Being Lakshmi (who is similar to the Greek figure of Venus). Eventually the elixir emerged. However, fate turned the moment of victory into a terrible disaster.

The snake was in so much pain from the constant pulling that it vomited poison just as the elixir emerged. The elixir and the entire area started burning from the poison. No one was able to stop the destruction so the angels and demons prayed for help.

The story continues that Shiva heard their prayers, gathered up the poison and swallowed it, saving the elixir along with everyone and everything. The poison only traveled half-way down Shiva's throat - right where most men have their Adam's Apple. His throat turned blue around the poison, as a reminder of what happened.

For this reason, one of Shiva's names is Neela Kantam, or One with a Blue Throat.
What can I do to benefit from Pradosham?

Dr. Pillai recommends several sounds and practices to make the most of the karma busting energies during Pradosham. The sounds are charged with these transformative energies and create a connection with the part of the Universe that is protecting us and helping us to evolve.

He encourages people to recite the karma busting sounds Thiru Neela Kantam. These are available in the Store in the Downloads Store in the Downloads – Audio as Sounds for Manifesting – Track 1 (Lecture), Sounds for Manifesting – Track 2 (Sound Repetition) and Sounds for Manifesting – Track 3 (Mind Process). You can also find a modernized version of these sounds in the Store in the Downloads – Audio as Dancing with Siva – Sound Music – Track 9 (Thiru Neela Kantam).

A simple and powerful ancient ritual is still widely practiced in India today involves pouring milk over a Shiva Linga as one recites Thiru Neela Kantam.

source :

thanes | Wed, 07/21/2010 - 08:43
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need guru

dear friend, pls find spiritual guru as soon as possible...

lovemaster | Sun, 07/10/2011 - 12:18