How to find a spritual Teacher,

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numberless people are trying to become guru these days, it is latest in fashion these days,well it became a buissness to run their stores,specially in india they are leaving behind the smugllers, this does not means that there is no true guru , true guru is preasent in every genration , the wrong is our way to find, or in other words we can say that we dont have the power to find them ,how can the blind person find the person with eyes, if u are in search, just stay home pray jesus or god or anybody u cosider as god , that my father in heaven i am ur livingbeing ,i am fed up of everything please pick me out of this circle of death & birth please grant me a right teacher or guru who can show me the path towards you i am surrendering u with all of my cleaverness, please show me the path , if ur sincere and ur pray is from true heart u will be definatly with contact with true guru , the true guru knows where my true student is, he has the power to catch true student, they do not waste the time for false students, otherwise there are numberless fake gurus to fool us , how can we catch the god , we have not made the god ,god has made us , our pray can only show us the path, there is no other way, this is the easiest way but we are difficult, it is difficult to walk on one line by jesus written in the bible so how can we walk on thousands of lines told by a true teacher or guru , thus we need the fake guru's like ourself.thank u