How to Find Inner Peace and Freedom Instantly

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"It is natural
that thoughts
and feelings arise
and disappear.

What is unnatural
is when we grab hold of them
as though they mean something
and don't let go.

Obsessing over thoughts
and emotions
drains all of our energy and bliss.

Something that happened
6 months ago
we still try to make real now.

Even spiritual ideas
we try to make real.

We superimpose
our own illusions
on what is actually real
and alive in this moment.

But no matter how hard we try
to make an idea or memory
of what was before
real here and now,
it is not possible.

It only exists
as a thought.

And as long as
you are lost in the thinking,
you are not alive to what
is here and now.

So much time wasted
thinking about things that are not here.
In wanting things that are not here.
In trying to understand
why things are not here,

instead of actually
just being here.

Things arise and things pass.
There is no reason for it,
This is simply the way it is.

You will love
you will lose
you will cry
and it will pass.

But the mind creates
so much nonsense,
so many questions
and understandings
all of which just take us
further and further away
from the simplicity of this moment.

Life wants to awaken you to love
in this moment,
wants to awaken you into joy.

Life is waiting for you.

But the person says
'as soon as I make enough money...'
'as soon as I get my boyfriend back...'
'as soon as I figure out my problems...'
'Then I will be at peace.'

And the moment never comes.

So stop bowing down
to the mind and all its fantasies,
knowledge and drama
and really give yourself
to experiencing what is real
in this moment.

To that which
is obvious
when you give up the mind
and experience
this moment directly.

Then immediately
you will be at peace.
You will feel alive perhaps
in a way you never did before.

You do not need to wait for it,
peace will be instant.



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Thanks again for sharing "This Moment"

bonya basu | Wed, 06/20/2012 - 18:34