How to Fall into Spiritual Awakening

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"The beautiful thing about a dog
is he's never going to lie to you.

If he's sad, he's going to tell you.
If he's glad to see you,
he's going to tell you.

But there is something
hidden unconsciously
in the human condition
that says what you are
experiencing is wrong.

And therefore
try to change it,
try to put something else
on top of it,
try and control it and hide it
before anyone sees it.

It may boil down
to social acceptance.
Trying to fit in.
Trying to project yourself
to be a certain way
in order to feel loved.

And wanting to feel loved
is human nature.
There is nothing wrong with it.

But if you try and create yourself
to be a certain way
in order to feel loved,
then you will never feel loved.

So awareness
is about honesty.

Being honest with yourself
about your experience
and accepting that,
being fully in that.

Because if you completely
surrender to your experience
in the moment,

If you fall into it completely,
you will fall right through it.

No matter what emotion
what thoughts
what sensations your are feeling,
if you fall into it completely
you will fall right through it,

You will disappear
into totality.

One undivided
is the essence
of all experience.

Even if your nose itches.

Just fully allowing yourself
to be immersed in that experience
of itching
you fall through it
as energy itself
as bliss itself.

And it is in this
you experience
everything as love.

Simply because you
immerse yourself
in what is here,
with complete honesty.

Then love pours freely
out of you.

Not as a plastic smile
or any other outer appearance.

But because you
experience the essence
in every experience,
that essence shines out



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