How to Experience Unconditional Peace

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"The mind is always scheming.
Looking for ways to make you happy;
ways to make you feel good.

How you can avoid feeling
the things you don't want to feel
and how you can feel more
what you would like to feel.

There is nothing wrong with this,
it is the nature of the mind.

But it is also how stress is created.

Because there is what is here
in this moment
and there is how you would like
'here' to be.

If you really look
this manipulation
is happening most of the time.

Even when you sit to meditate
the mind is scheming.

The last thing the mind wants to do
is to let go of its control
and experience this moment.

But what happens
if you let go of all the scheming
and simply feel what is here.

Not just in meditation
but in daily life.

If you find yourself
in a situation
where you are confronted
with something you do not wish to feel.

Whether there is a feeling
of loneliness, jealousy,
fear, awkwardness,
whatever feeling is there
instead of letting the survival instinct
kick in and control it, mask it,
distract yourself from it,
what if you simply allowed yourself
to feel that feeling.

If you allowed yourself
to be completely vulnerable
to that feeling.

I am not talking about
analyzing it or dramatizing it
but simply to feel the sensation of that feeling.

To just allow it.

If you allow yourself
to feel what you have been
avoiding feeling
suddenly you are immersed
in this moment
in a way you might never
have been before.

You are so immersed
in this moment,
so open to what is here,
that there is nothing to hold on to,
nothing to know.

And although
it may leave you feeling
completely vulnerable to what is here,
it also leaves you completely
in peace.

If you are completely
surrendered to your experience
of this moment
then you are at one with this moment.

You begin to recognize
the underlying experience of
deep fathomless peace
that is here all the time.

And in this peace you can learn
through practice to remain in it;
to remain aligned with it.

All of the things that you
used to avoid
now become opportunities
to move deeper into peace.

It is the practice
of moving beyond the mind,
beyond knowing
into your natural state.



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This is true except of one

This is true except of one feeling to which this approach does not make any effect. This exceptional feeling is the doomsday weapon of the mind, it's the feeling of emptiness, feeling of acute irritation. Applying the acceptance of feelings will not yield peace not unconditional peace, it will lead to this rock-bottom difficult feeling of emptiness. To cope with this feeling, you need external help, you need paranormal help. Just employing a technique is not enough here. This is the stage in which you must have guidance, a guru, shaktipat, and so on.

johnd | Sun, 02/05/2012 - 13:25