How to Experience True Freedom

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"When you value presence
more than anything else
then you are free.

Whether you experience presence
as consciousness, as awareness, as silence,
as stillness, as energy,
as love, bliss or peace,

when you value that above
everything else,
not your belief in it
but your actual immersion in it,
then nothing can really
bring you down anymore.

It is only when you value
other things more
that there is trouble.

And I am not talking about renunciation,
but rather, where you place your importance.

If you value your car
more than awareness
and your car breaks down
then you are miserable.

You experience the separation
of you and the world and all
the problems that brings.

But if you value awareness
more than anything,
then when your car breaks down,
it all just happens in awareness,
it all happens in the oneness
of the moment.
It does not create conflict.

When you value bliss more than anything,
then you are in a love affair with bliss
and if your car breaks down,
then bliss is still there,
you still remain in and as bliss.

The mind may still grumble a bit
but it does not affect the bliss
because you have placed bliss
above everything else.

Perhaps it even increases the bliss.

And that all encompassing bliss
takes care of you.

You give yourself over
to peace completely
and then peace becomes your life.

Everything arises out of peace;
everything exists in that peace.
There is no conflict in it.

And not only that,
but the peace actually supports you
and guides you through feeling.

It gently moves you in the right direction
so that peace is always deepening,
so that life becomes more free and easy.

It is only when you place your importance
on other things
that you become separate from peace.

When you place your importance
on your opinions and ideals, your intellect,
your attachments, your seeking gratification,
your desire to have things be a certain way,

these type of things
separate you from consciousness,
separate you from being alive in this moment,
from being free in this moment.

Again it comes down to attention,
where you are placing your attention
in this moment.

You give your attention fully
to consciousness in this moment
then you are free.

It can't be an ultimatum
of what you promise to do in the future.
But in love,
you give yourself over to this moment
and everything else gets taken care of.

Much love,


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