How to Experience Stillness in Meditation

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"In meditation,
become aware of how the mind
avoids this moment.

How it looks just outside
of this moment.
Always looking for distraction.

The mind exists because it separates
itself from this moment.

Even if you try through the mind
to rest in this moment in meditation,
you will see the mind remains
separate from this moment.

It tries to do awareness
tries to think its way into meditation
and thus remains separate
from this moment.

So in order to be truly present,
the mind must be surrendered.

When you are fully present
in this moment,
resting as awareness itself,
there is no mind.

When you detach yourself from thinking,
first, personal thoughts disappear
and there are just random impersonal thoughts
that have nothing to do with
your personal experience.

Then if you simply allow those to run
without involvement,
they also run out of energy.

But first is surrendering the mind.
Surrendering your attachment to the
movement of thinking,
surrendering your identification with
perceiving this moment through thinking.

Just like you can stand in a room
with a television on
without actually watching the television,
you can be aware in this moment,
allowing thinking to be
but remaining unaffected by it.
It simply becomes a flow of energy.

In meditation,
you let go of attaching yourself
to thoughts
and rest in your natural state of awareness.

And then you can remain resting
in that natural state of awareness
by surrendering any urge to move
and resting as stillness itself.

Much love,


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