How to Experience Pure Being in Meditation

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"For the purpose of meditation,

you can break it down
to two states.

The first state is
identification with thinking.
You believe you are the thinker
of your thoughts
and the subject of your thinking.

You experience this moment
through the interpretation
of the mind.

The second state
is that which precedes
the first.

It is what is here behind the thinking.
You feel yourself existing
not as a person
but as sensation.

Resting as consciousness itself,
resting as pure being.

You can approach meditation
by recognizing these two states.

By remaining as pure being,
letting thoughts go
as they arise,
keeping your attention
resting on the feeling
of existing in this moment.

And when you do get caught up
in thinking
and you lose that connection
to feeling this moment,
you recognize it as a completely
different state.

You experience the difference
between the two states
and learn to let go of thinking again
and come back
into feeling this moment.

What often happens
is once you experience pure being,
the mind defines that experience,
describes and memorizes it to be
a certain way.

And then tricks you into settling
for the memory of pure being,
the knowledge of pure being.

The mind tries to own
pure being
as another experience of the mind
and so pure being is lost.

Because pure being
is that which precedes the mind,
it cannot be owned
and it cannot be experienced
by the intellectual mind.

So in order to rest
as pure being,
you have to let go
of all knowledge
and memory

and feel this moment
as though it is the first time;
completely fresh and new.

You feel this moment
without filtering
it through thought
without relating it to
past experience.

And in this way,
by resting in pure being
without adding anything to it,
this bliss of consciousness
expands and intensifies.



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