How to Experience Oneness with This Moment

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"One way to look at meditation
is that you are letting go
of your separation with this moment.

You are letting go of the notion
that there is a you that is separate
from this moment.

And this is not a path of negation
where you deny yourself,
but rather it is acceptance.

Whatever you accept,
you move beyond.

Whatever you resist or desire
holds your focus.
Your attention remains
locked on that.

So if you are trying to meditate
and you don't like
the smell in the room,
then your attention will never move
beyond not liking that smell.

The moment you accept
you do not like the smell,
you move beyond the not liking.
Then the moment you accept the smell,
you move beyond the smell.

Through acceptance
at the level of feeling/sensation,
you keep moving through
all of the various layers of experience
from the outer experiences
to the inner and more subtle

Through accepting your body,
your attention moves
beyond the body.

Through accepting your thinking
your attention moves
beyond the thinking.

It keeps moving
beyond all of these layers
until you get to the essence
of this moment
which is beyond
the individual experience.

You start with the acceptance
of your individual/personal experience
but in that acceptance
your attention expands beyond
the personal.

You get to the energetic
experience that everything
simply is.

And when you experience
that you and this moment
and everything else
arises in and as
this same is-ness,
then all conflict ceases.

You relax into the oneness
of this moment
and from this oneness
you awaken into
what cannot be described
in words.



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Thanks for giving a tip of acceptance during meditation.
It is very true.Acceptance sets one free from holding the moment...and move further.

bonya basu | Wed, 03/14/2012 - 06:00
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Thank you

Thank you, Bonya, for your lovely comment. Much love

blissmusic | Wed, 03/21/2012 - 00:26