How to Experience Nothingness in Meditation

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"When the mind becomes clear in the sense
of you as a person is washed away
when thoughts are washed away,
there is just the clarity of consciousness
of nothingness.

You are not doing consciousness,
it’s just in the clarity of silence,
the clarity of emptiness, there is awareness.

The emptiness, the awareness,
they are one.

It’s a feeling of pure joy, pure peace, pure delight.

Your body becomes very subtle: very clear.

There’s no energy obstruction,
no sense of heaviness.

You can even go into it so there is no body.

In that clarity, there is delight.
There is just radiating delight, radiating joy.

But it is not a joy that satisfies the thinking mind.

Because the thinking mind has been surrendered.

Because that level of experience
of perceiving this moment through thought
has been surrendered,
then there is delight.

In my experience,
you can’t just repress the mind, control the mind, stop the mind.
You can stop the mind for a second or two or for a few seconds if you’re good.
But you will not feel this delight.
You may feel a sense of peace, a sense of consciousness.
But you will not feel pure delight, the pure fulfillment,

Because the mind must become at ease with itself.
The thinking must be completely relaxed
in order to disappear.

Much love,

Kip / Pure Shakti Meditation Music"