How to Experience Freedom From the Mind & Body Instantly

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"Close your eyes
and notice your experience
of what is here beyond thought.

You are not to define it,
describe it
or use thoughts at all.

Simply feel what is here.
Experience the sensation
of what is here.

The sensation
of existing in this moment.

Don't think about it, just try it.
Close your eyes and do this now.

If you did this very simple exercise,
then you just experienced yourself
beyond the mind and body.

You experienced yourself as energy,
conscious energy,
the pure state of peace and freedom
completely transcendent
of who you think you are.

And if you experienced this,
then you no longer can play the victim.

You can no longer pretend
that you are this person,
stuck in situations
that cause you suffering.

You can no longer pretend
you are a prisoner
of a mind and body.

Because you just proved
that you can exist
completely free from the mind
and all of it's sufferings.

You can and do exist
in a state of formless
conscious peace.

Whether you choose to live
in the mind is a different story.
That is a choice you can make,
and if you are conscious
you made that choice,
then that is also blissful.

But to keep pretending
that you are a victim
of suffering is pointless.

You can be free of it in any moment.
It is your choice.



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