How to Experience Divinity

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"I have nothing against
self improvement.

But meditation
is not about self improvement.

Self improvement means
there is something here
that needs to be changed.

Something about yourself
that is wrong but can be fixed.

And if you work hard enough
if you try hard enough,
one day that wrong part of you
will be gone.

And then you will be happy.

But with meditation,
with awareness,
you accept yourself as you are immediately.

You accept everything as it is
in this moment.
Because if you do this,
you see you did not make yourself
to be how you are.

You simply are.

That you are scared of spiders
or you are forgetful,
or that you feel insecure around others
is not your choice.

You did not choose
to be these things in this moment.

They are simply here,
existing on their own,
a part of your experience
that you are aware of.

And because you are aware of it,
because you accept it fully,
it is perfect.

It is divine.

You can spend your whole life
telling me how you improved.
How you used to give
someone the finger
when they cut you off on the highway
and now you only think
about giving them the finger.

As though a day will come
when someone cuts you off
and you will have no interest
in giving them the finger
and only then you will be
worthy enough to experience divinity.

But you see,
the moment you want
to give them the finger
and you are aware of this experience,
then that experience is divinity.

I am not advising you
to give people the finger.

I am advising you to be aware
of how you are in this moment
without trying to change it.

You need not act it out.
Just inwardly experience what is there.

It is the path of surrender.
You are surrendering to what is.

And through surrender,
there is awareness
and through awareness
there is unconditional peace.

Not in the sense of saying
"I am perfectly fine
that guy cut me off on the highway."

But by being aware you feel angry about it,
accepting that there is anger there,
and experiencing the sensation
that you call anger.

If you do this
you will come to the experience
that everything is just energy.

Energy moving through energy.

This is bliss.
This is freedom.
This is divinity.



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happy's picture

Change the changeable and accept the unchangeable

I think that what is changeable should be considered for change and only if something is unchangeable then we should move to acceptance like the old wise proverb says:

"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

happy | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 23:41
Gilana's picture

What did you find?

When you experience this bliss, did a feeling come with it? Did love or joy become apparent?

Gilana | Thu, 12/24/2009 - 08:34