How do you handle incoming negative emetions?

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How do you handle new incoming negative emotions? There are so many, a constant stream of them, throughout the day, from little irritations ("I forgot my keys, I need to go back inside") to really big ones like, "That Granny cut me off again!"

I think I am starting to scratch the surface, and feel happy and hopeful about the progress.

With already existing emotions, I have been focusing attention on the physical sensation of them in my body while meditating to dissolve them, and release the trapped energy (consciousness). It was something Eckart Tolle said during the New Earth web cast interview with Oprah that inspired me to try it, and to my wonder, it seemed to...well, work. Recently I found posts on this forum, about something called "Vipassana" by somename named "Goenke" that seems to also teach what I sort of tried on my own. I'll have to look further into Goenke's material. And I will continue my current practice until such time as I become enlightened enought to streamline it further. Ot whatever.

What I really want to know now, what I want to get out of this forum, is to learn how to handle brand new incoming emotions as they happen. My problem is that I react to them because I dislike the pain (irritation) of them so much that experiencing negative emotions ("Drive faster!", "I hate this traffic!", "Why am I late again?!" "Where did I put it?", "I'm so hungry but I burned my dinner again!" "I can't listen to all of you talking to me at the same time! Be quiet!", "Where are my keys?" "This computer is so slow!" "It's locked up again!" "Where did you put it?", "It's not here!", "I can't find it!", "Stop IM'ing me, it slows down my machine and I have to reboot again!" "It's broken!") makes me angry. So, if I understand correctly, my emotional reaction to emotions is a resistance, a second layer of emotion on top of the first emotion? Correct?

So, what do I do? Do I do the same thing with new emotions that I do when I dissolve old emotions? Focus my attention on the physical sensation of the incoming emotion as I am experiencing it while Grandma is cutting me off, without geting mad that I am mad? It is much more difficult to do in real time than later that evening during meditation when I recall the memory of grandma cutting me off and focus on the physical sensation associated with that memory of being cut off.

Your jokes are welcome because I found, in this forum, wisdom in your jokes.

Serious replies welcome too, of course.

But please be helpful and clear and simple enough so that even a 9 year old can understand it.

Thank you much in advance for you assistance in my quest for freedom from negative emotions.


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Like handling any other emotion

You handle it like handling any other emotion: observe it, accept it, and then forget it in order to let it go. Simple and usually easy.

You get much of your negative as well as positive emotions from other people and objects through your aura. Therefore it is pointless to analyze each and every to try to find out their sources within your psyche. Plus, this analytical activity increases your attachment to and identification with the emotion.

Estrange to the emotion and process it like a robot: observe, accept, and let go, observe, accept, and let go...

Annie | Sun, 09/20/2009 - 08:06