How do we accept? (Part 5)

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Challenging beliefs-Seeking clarity

* If I do it right, I can create a happy life for myself.

Because of the dualistic nature of life, it's not possible to find ultimate fulfillment in the relative illusion. Your individual experience of happiness is dependent upon your personal experience of unhappiness. There are two ways to momentarilly increase your happiness: get what you want, or get what you don't want. Loss and hardship inevitably increase our appreciation for the things we do have, the things that ARE going well in our lives, and it also sets the backdrop for our next joyful experience.

Sometimes folks will endure relative misery for many years, to be followed by many years of joy. Sometimes one day is bad, and the next day good, but in the long term, your experience must balance out because the good and bad are literally defined by your own experience. As a result, overall, nobody is subjectively happier than anyone else, though endless mind games are played with this perception because it's so central to our lives.

Also, the entirety of life and experience is a movement, and so it's not even the goal that we seek, but the movement toward it, and once the goal is accomplished, the movement ends and the satisfaction begins to fade. All that can be done then is to turn and begin another movement.

This movement may very well be another goal, but as mentioned, it may also be a movement toward unhappiness, since this will also ultimately bring temporary satisfaction in various odd and wonderful ways.

The dualistic illusion is destined to be a perpetual movement between all the self defined polarities. It will not stop and it cannot fulfill itself.

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Dualistic illusion

From here, the primary 'illusion' is that the world is objective, and that we are a subject within it. The world really appears in us (our awareness), rather than us in it. This is everyone's actual experience, but our mental knowledge and emotional attachment (desire to be seen/known by others) gets in the way.

Omkaradatta | Mon, 01/19/2009 - 21:47