How do we accept? (Part 4)

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The thinking mind is not capable of accessing anything outside of it's own memory. There is no amount of mental manipulation that can bring about a realization that is not already present. All that can be done is to reorganize the data which results in reinforcing what mind already believes which further entrenches it's spontaneous behavior.

Acquiring new conceptual understandings is also futile because concepts are just toys for the mind to play with and they aren't believed until they are seen clearly to be true.

The solution that many spiritual seekers opt for is to try to stop or control the mind, with the understanding that the beliefs contained within are the source of suffering and that which obscures Truth realization. This is true but mind cannot control mind or alter it's functioning through the desire to so. Reconditioning does not come about by retraining the mind's 'habitual' behavior because the mind is not functioning according to habbit but according to what it truly believes is so right now. The conditioning itself must be changed and this requires intuitive realizations from beyond mind's limitations.

Intuition is not uncommon, it's just difficult to describe because it's not something that mind brings about but rather allows. Mother's intuition, the scientist's 'AHA!' moment, psychic insight and the creations of inspired artists are all examples of intuition. We've all experienced it, and it led to realizations, though mind likely took credit for 'figuring it out', and the actual intuitive process was dismissed.

First, there must be a willingness to see what is true at all cost. An easy, childlike curiosity is also very helpful. There are wonders that the mind can't begin to imagine, and it's all accessable to you here and now by simply looking with the willingness to see.

Intuitive insight does not negate the mind, it occurs in the presence of an expanded, open mind, highly alert and attentive, but still, like a cat stalking a mouse. The combination of expansive alertness, without thought, will be difficult for some because in a state of alertness mind naturally wants to think. Mind supplies the focus of consciousness for what you wish to know, then bring mind to a stop on that focus. Don't think, just look. A realization has a certain 'feel' to it, almost like a light coming on, but until it is brought into mind, you don't know what it is you know. Pull gently on the threads, being careful to allow the clarity to come instead of engaging the thinking process. Slowly, the mind will come to a deep understanding, and this alone will permanently alter the conditioning of mind.

Intuition is essntially a depth of mind and heart at the same time. A depth of mind is spaciousness, a depth of heart is passion, a depth of both mind and heart is insight into the nature of your own Beingness.

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Omkaradatta | Mon, 01/19/2009 - 01:29
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u have already accepted me!

dear phroggy i wrote a poem in beliefnet "fated to suffer" a poet inspired by it wrote a whole book now she has accepted me as teacher and as u write "how do we beleive"
u have only reflected me.....

my love to u! now ur questions must help other questioning brains.....

consider i have all stars as my disciples like jesus said "
my shepps know me and they follow me where ever i go"

that sums it up...

who is a guru?

who is a student?

favourable devotion?

unfavourable devotion?

answer these questions u all all who seek u may atleast know what u want....

next is whether is it available.....

and how to adjust to availability...

with love

dhorai | Mon, 01/19/2009 - 13:45
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Questioning brains

The brain doesn't question, the mind questions. The brain is inside the mind, the body is inside the mind. The whole world is inside.

Omkaradatta | Mon, 01/19/2009 - 14:04