How do we accept? (Part 2)

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The mind fuctions spontaneously according to it's conditioning, and so acceptance is a matter of altering the conditioning rather than trying to cause mind to accept through an egoic choice to do so. Ego is not in control of mind but is rather part of that conditioning; one of the belief systems that make up mind's conditioning which needs to be challenged.

Beliefs cannot be dropped. They were not chosen to begin with and we cannot choose to not believe them. Mind forms beliefs based on it's experience and most of them were passively accepted based on superficial evidence and the esteemed opinions of others who also did not question them deeply. Your experience is likely to continue to reflect your beliefs because we tend to pay attention only to that which supports our beliefs, and so the only way is to openly question what we believe to be true.

To know what beliefs need to be challenged, we need to identify what beliefs stand in the way of acceptance. Here are some likely candidates:

* I need to improve myself.
* If I do it right, I can create a happy life for myself.
* It's my responsibility to increase good and decrease evil in the world.
* Others need to be punished for their behavior.
* If I stop controlling my life, it will all come crashing down on me.
* I'm a separate person in opposition to a world.

Chances are, most of us have accepted the concept that none of the above are true, but accepting the concept is not the same as knowing it, and so we need to explore them deeply to see if they're really so.

This cannot be a mental exploration only because mind will conclude only what it already thinks it knows to be true. This exploration must involve an intuitive seeing beyond mind's concepts, which makes it an individual exploration. These would all be good topics of discussion in order to get the mind focused and prepared for your internal contemplation, and I'll ramble about each of them in later blogs, for those interesting in discussing, pondering, meditating, looking and intuiting.

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I say a big " wow!" It seems

I say a big " wow!" It seems that when I am actually seeing or pondering by being silent and just looking from the space that I am - I receive confirmation here or elsewhere all within awareness of course. That is amazing. I came on to this site today and saw " acceptance. " I clicked it and really gave no thought in fact there was nothing in that word that pulled me to read. I was actually looking for something else. And here you are sharing what I was just seeing an hour or so ago when I was alone.

You say beliefs cannot be dropped. I think I see that. I have held on to so many beliefs for years and one belief seemed to fall away one after another. I didn't drop them. at the time I thought I did but that was before I was reading about non duality. I still believed there was an individual me or self.

That I was a combo of mind body and spirit. I identified with myself being a Christian for so many years. And studied theology and philosophy and all that just fell away. IT was an endless chasing of the wind. Traveling and never reaching the goal. All futility but it is all part of the story.

You say one thing that we didn't choose our beliefs. Can you expand on that. Yes there is no self to choose anything but in the circles I was in everyone would say I made the decision to choose Christ or God changed my life around etc.
I finally saw the light is a phrase I used. And many come to Christianity out of fear. Many come for the ego of getting the big prize at the end. Eternal life or heaven. So one doesn't want to go to hell and burn and so they come. Without really even investigating that hell is a mistranslation. In the Greek words and Hebrew words for hell has nothing in it's definition to suggest a place of eternal torment and fire. And so people come but even with all that they still claim that it was them that made the decision. Some will say it was the Holy Spirit that caused them . And then I was told God loves me and accepts me jsut the way I am . But as soon as I came in the fold -I had to stop doing this and start doing that. I was so guilt ridden and frustrated my whole life trying to be like Jesus and to control my thoughts. To be a goody goody person. I just wanted to make it to the end so I could get out of this hell I was in. Smiled to all like everything was fine but inside I was seeking. My belief was a prison. I was thrown out of churches for just for asking questions and thinking differently. I was a heretic and still am. So much for unconditional love.

So when I started reading onto non duality and all this just 6 months ago or so more concepts and beliefs began to drop on it's own. The things I used to chase after are no longer important. I wondered about that. I should go after success and work hard and focus and use the law of attraction , visualize and get the money and network etc so I can move up the ladder. I just didn't have that drive anymore. Seeing that one can do all that and may get success or what they think they want and still be unhappy and unsatisfied. Or work like the dickens towards that and not get it. Look at the economic situation. Who would've thought we would be in this bad situation for most.

mrsnacks | Thu, 10/08/2009 - 21:15