How to Dissolve Inner Conflict

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"Any inner pain
or inner conflict
can be dissolved
simply by
feeling the sensations
that are present.

No analysis,
no fixing,
no figuring it out and
no trying to control it.

All of these things
keep you from feeling
the sensations,
keep you avoiding
what is here
in the moment.

It is a blow to the ego
to simply surrender
and feel the sensations
instead of the mind
trying to dominate the situation.

And it is that blow to the ego,
that being humbled
that frees you
into unconditional peace.



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Isn't that creates another inner conflict?

Isn't the very wanting to dissolve an inner conflict creates a new inner conflict?

The point is not to try to dissolve an inner conflict but to try to live happily with the inner conflict, not just to try to be aware of the sensations but also and mainly to accept them.

Jasmin | Fri, 01/14/2011 - 15:18