How to Dissolve Hurt into Bliss in Meditation

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"You cannot realize
the peace that you are
by playing the victim.

If you believe your unhappiness
is caused by outer circumstances
then you are simply a prisoner
of your own reactions.

If someone calls you a nincompoop,
you have to realize
the unhappiness is not caused
by the person calling you a nincompoop
but by your reaction to it.

I am not saying you should not feel hurt,
but when you realize it is your reaction to it
that causes the hurt and not the action itself,
only then can you become conscious.

If you realize that hurt is your own reaction,
then you can allow the hurt without
blame or justification,
then you can actually take the time
to simply rest in the moment
and feel the sensations of that hurt;
to allow those sensations to play
themselves out.

In that allowing and feeling,
the hurt dissolves back into peace.
And that part of your ego that
identified with the hurt
also dissolves back into peace.

It requires you to be totally open
and vulnerable to this moment.
To not just go on automatic reaction
of self protection through blame and justification
but to actually allow those feelings
to consume you completely.

Because it is the absolute that
is behind the hurt,
it is peace itself that
is the essence of that hurt.

And if you fight it,
if you resist it,
then you are a slave to your own self protective mind
that separates you from the peace that
is at the essence of this moment,
that is at the essence of every moment.

And then in that separation
you seek to escape
in things that are not good for you.
You run to junk food and alcohol
and all the things that actually
bring you down even more.

Resistance is a cycle of self destruction.
To resist the hurt that is there,
you seek passing pleasures that hurt you more
and you like yourself less and less because of it.

When all that is needed
is to simply be present with what is,
to allow yourself to feel what is here,
to accept it completely
and allow it to dissolve back
into its natural state of unconditional peace.

This peace is what you are.
It is what life is.
It is only a matter if you resist
the form it takes in this moment
or you allow it to be completely.

Because in the full allowing
you are peace itself.
It cannot be any other way.

Much love,


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The Nothingness Of It All...

Understanding unfolds, peels away, like the layers upon layers of an onion, our held beliefs, till at the core, we reach.....The Nothingness Of It All...

The Nothingness Of It All...
Silent words arising...
The ocean sighing.....
Collapsing back into itself...
The Nothingness Of It All


MAI | Wed, 08/07/2013 - 02:36
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Thank you

Thank you Mai! Beautiful as always. Much love

blissmusic | Wed, 08/14/2013 - 02:46
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Thanks for this post

"...feel the sensations of that hurt;
to allow those sensations to play
themselves out.

In that allowing and feeling,
the hurt dissolves back into peace..."

Reactions (labels) to a hurt is an overlay on top of the actual raw sensation.

My all time wonderful feeling meditation is with my eyes closed, using a favorite mantra as an anchor, I wait, or even look for, sensations (or "emotions") to arise, to flesh out. I watch them...they move around...morph, change shape, change location in the body...they don't seem to want to be watched. But I keep looking at it.

And dissolves. And I feel better.

Then I can even think back mentally on the situation that cause the emotion (or sensation), and there is no longer an emotional charge.

It feels good.

Quantum | Sat, 08/10/2013 - 22:34
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Thank you

Beautiful. Thank you for commenting about your meditation.

Much love,


blissmusic | Wed, 08/14/2013 - 02:47