How to Deal with Emotional Upheaval

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"First, realize
that someone or something
is not making you feel this way.

You are feeling this way
out of a reaction
to what is happening.
Blaming only keeps
you unconscious.

be honest and
accept what you feel,
this is most important.

Don't try and create
"positive emotions."
This is just the ego
trying to impose something
it thinks should be here
on top of what is really here.

You have to really
allow yourself to feel
what is honestly here and accept it.

Perhaps at first what you feel
will go and you will find
a whole new set of thoughts
and feelings underneath it.

Such as if you feel angry
at someone for treating
you a certain way,

after allowing that anger
you may realize that
the anger was there
because you did not want
to accept the feelings
of rejection
and loneliness
that were really there.

So allow yourself to feel that,
without trying to change it,
get rid of it, figure it out,
understand it, even own it.

Just allow yourself to feel
what is here as sensation.

Accept that this is
what simply is
in this moment.

There is no doing involved
it is simply what is here.

If you do this,
you will instantly feel peace.
The moment you accept
and allow yourself to experience
even the first emotion,
there is peace.

And as you allow,
and feel what is here,
ultimately what you will find
that is here is sensation,
the sensation of energy moving,
and that is bliss,
that is love.

So you see
what you are really doing
through surrender and feeling
is moving beyond the mind,
moving beyond
the thinking and the emotions
to what is really here,
to what is here before
the mind labels it and judges it.

You will feel humbled
by what is here,
you will feel completely
vulnerable to what is here,

but in this way,
you awaken to peace,
you awaken to love;

not as something
that you try to do,
but you awaken to
what is always already here.

Then you will experience
everything as the same bliss.
You will feel the bliss in resentment,
the bliss in rejection,
the bliss in loneliness,
the bliss in happiness.
It is all the same bliss.

It is all the same flow
of energy.

It is simply a matter of
truly allowing yourself
to feel what is here
without trying to change it
in any way.



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