How Chanting works - A Scientific Explanation

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Naam Mantra Jaap (Chanting) is a spiritual practice primarily intended to bring about spiritual advancement of an individual. It consists in the person choosing a word or stanza and sitting in quiet solitude, repeating the same. Regular practice of Naam Mantra Jaap (Chanting) has, apart from spiritual, many other uses and benefits. It brings about physical relaxation, slows down breathing rate, reduces blood pressure, slows down aging process and brings about a general feeling of well-being. It serves as an anti-stress measure and boosts up immune system. During illness it aids healing and promotes early recovery.

The Jaap (Chanting) promotes mental peace, increases the capacity for mental concentration and ability for putting in sustained mental work for long periods. Thus, regular practice of Naam Jaap makes a person mentally more efficient and productive; he acquires freedom to think only of that which is of positive benefit to him and /or to others. When mind switches off, at random, from one thought to the other in a continuous row, lot of mental energy is wasted; Naam (Chanting) enables an aspirant to conserve mental energy by slowing down the process of thinking. The chosen word for the Naam Japna should represent the Divine Reality or Deity of the individual according to his religious belief or the chosen stanza should reflect the ethical and spiritual values of the individual. The word is so chosen that it draws aspirant’s attention to the Spiritual Reality during the Jap

Here is the tutorial link on the scientific basis for chanting the

Modern science has now conclusively proven that the whole of existence is just a vibration of energies. Where there is vibration there is bound to be a sound. So in yoga we say the whole existence is just a sound. This is known as nada brahmn. The entire creation is a complex amalgamation of sounds. Among this complex web of sounds there are a few sounds which are key sounds. These key sounds are referred to as the mantra.