How can we recognise people with evil intentions?

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Shri Shri Guruji's reply:-

In the earlier yugas or ages, Gods had special forms which proclaimed their Divinity. Similarly, demons had characteristic features which enabled human beings to recognize them. However, in the present age, Gods, demons and men - all appear in human form. Though they look alike externally, the vibrations that they emit are very different. Usually only repeated interaction with them will reveal their true intentions to you and you may often learn this the hard way. However, when you inculcate the qualities of selflessness and purity by engaging yourself in sadhana and altruistic service, you will be able to sense these vibrations instantaneously. Then you will never become a victim in the hands of such people. On the other hand, the divine vibrations that you emit will lead to their transformation.

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WHY should we need to recognize evil people?

The real question is not HOW but WHY should we need to recognize evil people - or - what caused them to become evil.

Once you have a pointer to the answers to these questions you do not feel the need to know how to recognize them anymore. You are not afraid of them anymore, you just feel compassion and genuine wish to assist them if possible.

sonti | Tue, 03/30/2010 - 19:32
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WHY should we need to recognize evil people?

Thanks for your kind reply.
Yes I completely agree with your answer.
When we walk on the path of spirituality, there will be so many instances we come across which might slow down the progress.hence there is a necessary for a devotee to associate with people with noble purpose.there fore it is essential to identify the evil until we are realized.
After realization your comment is 100% true.


"When we remove the darkness(PAIN) of others; we will start seeing light(JOY) in our own self"

"Wipe a Tear;Remove a Pain"

Chethan Prasad | Wed, 03/31/2010 - 07:32