How can the two eyes be single?

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This is a practical question and one that can be answered practicably, for this occurs when the Inner Eye which is within each man is opened. Even a blind man without eyes to see the physical has that single Eye but it is closed. We can only see Him, the God-in-action Power, Which is the Light called Christ, when we shut the doors of the temple of our body and our eye becomes single. Our attention has become diffused upon the outside world through the bodily doors of the two eyes, the two nostrils, the two ears, the mouth, the excretory and genital organs, and it has identified itself with them. We have to withdraw our attention from the outside, enter within the laboratory of the Man-body which is the true temple of God and rise to the back of the eyes, where the seat of the soul is located in the body. There lies the tenth door where the eyes become single and where we find the Light of God. There we see the Christ in expression.
This is an example of what I mean by true celebration through the understanding of the Personality of the Master and His teachings, and living up to them.
Jesus said that we must have the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. That Bread of Life and Water of Life lie in the actual contact with the God-into-Expression Power of Light and "music of the spheres." At any human pole at which the God-Power is made manifest, that manifested God-Power is competent to raise our souls--bound under mind and outgoing faculties, and identified with them -- and open the Inner Eye to see the Light of God and open the Inner Ear to hear the Voice of God.
This is what is meant by coming into contact with the God-into-Expression Power of the Light and Sound principle; that is, the true Bread and the true Water of Life. Thus, any human pole at which that God-Power has manifested Itself, can give you contact with the Bread and Water of Life.

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Single eye as told by Lord Jesus

The single eye as told by Lord Jesus is nothing but the Ajna chakra meditation. The Shiva sutras says that the third eye meditation is the best among all meditations.
Rajan Bangalore

nrajan57 | Fri, 09/03/2010 - 10:21
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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
Yes,the Shiva sutras "SAYS", Not U,
Well are u the realised one or u just have the knoledge.
Any ways Respect U,

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 09/03/2010 - 10:51