How to Be Free of Thought Identification

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"Most people live
in a conceptual reality.
They cannot experience this moment
truly as it is because
there is too much noise
on top of what is here.

And people are addicted to that noise.
They take that noise as reality.

The thought comes
'I want an iphone'
and suddenly your life is a suffering
as long as you don't have an iphone.
Then when you get the iphone,
a new thought will be there to replace it;
another want, another worry, another judgment.
That is the definition of misery.

People are controlled by their thoughts,
controlled by their desires, judgments and worries.
Whatever thoughts arise,
that dictates their life.
It dictates your experience
in this moment
and your experience in the future.

So in meditation,
we learn to let go of the thoughts
as they arise.

We don't grab hold of them,
we don't obsessive over them.
We don't push them away.
They arise, we let them pass by.

We want to feel what is truly here,
what we truly are,
not what the thoughts say is here.

Thoughts cannot tell us the truth
of what is here because
they are the noise on top of this moment.
They are the noise
that distorts this moment.

So as they arise,
we let them go.
We surrender them
to the silence that is
underneath the noise
and learn to rest
in that silence.

In this way,
we burn through
all of the things that
keep us bound to the ego,
that keep us a prisoner to our own suffering.

Just by practicing
this letting go every day,
you will find happiness
there for no reason.
You will find life becomes easier,
less stressful, less of a struggle.

You will learn to
stop reacting to thoughts
and remain in your true nature
of peace.

Much love,


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MAI | Wed, 08/14/2013 - 04:19
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Love and Peace to you too, Mai.

blissmusic | Wed, 08/21/2013 - 03:20