How to Be Free from Suffering

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"Because we are attached
to things being a certain way,
we experience suffering.

We experience an unhappiness
that is beyond emotion;
a sense of unfulfillment
because things are not the way
we think they should be.

But when you realize
this suffering is your doing,
then you can go beyond it.

I am not talking about pain
whether emotional or physical;
these things must be experienced.

But if you are completely resting
in this moment,
then you are free from suffering,
because you are free from duality.

If your attention is either
on the awareness of this moment,
resting in awareness itself,
on a mantra, chant or meditation technique,
in devotion,
or resting in the feeling of Shakti/Bliss,
then all of these things
take you out of suffering.

They don't add something
to your experience of suffering
to make it better,
they remove you from that mental perception
of separation and conflict
that is at the root of unhappiness

and back into
your natural state of pure consciousness,
into your natural state of being
where there is no other.

There is no lack of fulfillment
because there is no one there
to be unfulfilled.

Rather, what is there
is only the one consciousness,
one being.
And the nature of that is love,
is peace, is bliss.

And although your mind will tell
you all the reasons why
you can't experience this,

it is only a matter of
turning your attention
back into this moment,
back into the bliss of Shakti,
back into your mantra or meditation technique

and learning to remain in that
oneness of consciousness
no matter what else
you are doing at that time.

Much love,


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Hi Kip, can you do a post on Karma?

We only "see" our own Karmic results.

What you posted above answers a questions on what to do with the suffering after (bad) karmic seeds that were previously planted begin to sprout (bad) karmic results with lead to suffering.

Perhaps you could post a teaching that goes back further from the results which lead to suffering and post a teaching on planting good karmic seeds.

I would love to read it and learn from it.

Quantum | Wed, 10/16/2013 - 20:53
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Hi Quantum,

Thank you for your lovely message.

The easiest way to good karma is through meditation, sitting with enlightened teachers and other spiritual practice which begins to awaken peace and love in you. And once you feel that peace and love you will naturally express it by doing good things. It will be perfectly natural to you.

Where as if you start to do good things looking to get good karma out of it, it is better than nothing, it may awaken your heart and change your life to some degree, but often it keeps you stuck in an idea of giving to get something. When you can give without looking for anything in return, your heart really opens into love and that love heals and changes everything for the good.

Much love,


blissmusic | Thu, 10/31/2013 - 01:56