How to Be Free from Most of Your Suffering

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"A lot of your suffering
comes from what you are putting
into your mind and body:
The food you eat,
the alcohol/drugs/stimulants you take,
the media you watch, the music you listen to,
the people you listen to,
the books you read etc.

Take away everything unhealthy
and replace it with healthy,
get daily exercise and meditation
and some time in nature,
and already there will be a feeling
of health and radiance to your mind and body.

Most of the other suffering comes from
your sense or separateness
and identification with thinking.

"I don't like this. I'd rather have this.
I believe this. I have this opinion.
I like oranges. I don't like apples."

But what is the common
denominator in all of it?

It is the 'I.'

What is the 'I'
that does not like apples?

Is it anything more
than an identification
with a thought?

Take away thought,
now where is the 'I' that likes
and doesn't like?

Don't identify with the thought;
allow the thought to be
without claiming ownership of it,
then where is that 'I'
that likes and doesn't like?

Don't resist this moment.
Allow everything to be just as it is,
then where is separation?

You still exist perfectly
yet you are free from that sense of
separating yourself from what is.

That is the transcendental aspect of spirituality:
to rest in what you are beyond thinking,
beyond separation
as consciousness itself.

It is simply letting go of your involvement
with mental perception and resistance
and allowing your attention to relax
into it's essential nature of consciousness.

The other side of it is to love.

Not dualistic love
of wanting something in return.
But just to love.
To give yourself over to being loving,
being respectful, being devotional.

That also requires you
to surrender the sense of 'I'
that separates itself from everything else
with all of its endless judgments..

Whether you love a spouse, a child, a pet,
an animal, a guru, a god
or even a teddy bear!

Just the act of loving
frees you from duality,
frees you from suffering.

Because love is
the very essence of this moment.
And so when you love without conditions,
then you feel connected
to your true nature.

Much love,


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Very inspiring article. I

Very inspiring article. I love being free from my sufferings. This is so wonderful to read. Thanks a lot for sharing this to us because lots of people who will read this will change their lives and become stress-free for sure.

samlewis | Mon, 04/20/2015 - 02:56
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Thank you

Thank you Samlewis! I am happy you liked it.

blissmusic | Fri, 04/24/2015 - 04:51