How to Be Free from The Mind & Ego

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"To be free of the mind,
it is most important
to first awaken yourself
to what you truly are in this moment
and then take refuge in that.

If you keep your attention
on the sensation of existing
in this moment
or the feeling of Shakti/bliss,
then you remain free
of the illusion of being
a separate "me."

But once you get caught up
in thoughts and emotions
and claim them to be what you are,
then you have created an illusory maze
that you try to think your way out of.

But how can you get out of a maze
that only exists in thinking?

Any trying to figure it out,
trying to think your way out of it
only empowers the illusion
of the maze even more.

In this identification
you can easily be manipulated.
You can easily believe
the latest electronic gadget,
a new car, a new therapy
or a new relationship
is the answer to the feeling
of dissatisfaction that comes with
feeling separate from everything.

The more involved you get
in the thinking world,
the further you get tangled up in it
and the harder it will be to experience
the peace that you truly are.

All that is needed
is to allow the thoughts and emotions
to be as they are
and turn your attention
towards true happiness.

Turn your attention
to the eternal unconditional bliss
that exists beyond the thinking.

You cannot find it in thinking,
you cannot find it in emotion.

You have to keep your attention
resting on the truth of what is here:
the truth that
you are, existence is.
Not the idea of it but to actually feel it,
let your attention rest in being itself;
in bliss itself.

And if you do not feel this truth
then use a technique
such as silently repeating "I am"
and focusing on the feeling that you are.

And let yourself be immersed in Shakti
so that you feel the energy of bliss
moving through you and as you.

you're stuck in the thinking world
and all of its self-created problems.
You're stuck in an illusory conflict
where there is no resolution.
It is just more and more distraction
away from the true freedom that you are.

This very moment is the freedom.
Realizing what is truly here
is the freedom.

But it is so easy to let your attention
fall into thinking and get lost in believing
that is what you are.

You have to keep bringing your attention
back to what is truly here
and allowing your attention to remain in that.

Much love,


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