How to Be Free from The Ego-Mind

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"Every time you identify with
that part of the mind
that is always seeking
always wanting something
always worrying, always judging,
you make it stronger.

You know that feeling
when you give your opinion
about something,
that feeling of being puffed up
like a puffer fish.

It makes you feel big
but it also separates you
from what you truly are.

The ego is the sense
of individual identity
separate from everything else.

So whenever you empower it,
you are separating yourself from peace.
You experience a greater distance
between you and the peace that you are.

The ego/mind in this way
is like some grouchy stranger
barking orders at you.

'Go get me a drink'
and when you run and get
him a drink, you just made him stronger.
Now he wants something else.
Now he wants a cookie, now he wants an iphone,
there is no end to that wanting.

And you end up being ruled by him.

Make no mistake
you are a prisoner of your thoughts.

It's only when you realize
that you don't have to do identify with the thoughts,
you don't have to serve
your desires, judgement and fears
that you become free.

You don't argue with the mind,
or try to make it different,
you just allow it to ramble
and you rest your attention
into what is truly here
beyond the noise.

To what you truly are
beyond the noise.

It can be as easy
as allowing everything to be as it is
and feeling yourself existing
in this moment.

You just let the mind
make noise as it wants
without placing importance on the noise
and you can be free of it.

After a while,
if you no longer empower it,
it quiets down,
it runs out of steam.

Then you begin to experience
what you truly are in this moment.

Beyond all of the noise
that you have taken as reality,
you begin to experience yourself
as the silence.

And then whether there is noise
on top of that silence or not
you remain as the silence.

Just by no longer serving that noise,
you realize the peace that you are;
the peace that is the essence of the mind
yet is completely transcendent of it.

Much love,


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