How to Awaken the Heart in Meditation

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"There is a big jump into awareness
and that is the jump
from the mind
to the heart.

From intellectual knowing
and controlling your world
to letting go into this moment
and feeling what is truly here.

And this is not really a jump
as much as it is an unclenching.

In the same way as if you
wish to release an object
your are holding in your hand
you simply stop holding it
and the object
falls away by itself,

you learn to let go of the mind.

You learn to recognize
the subtle action
that you are doing in every moment
and you stop doing that action.

You rest instead of act.

That action is control.
And you control by
knowing the situation,
by perceiving the situation
with the mind.

As long as the mind
knows something,
it feels it can
control that something.

The mind cannot be present.

The mind skips
constantly between
the past and the future
in order to control
your situation.

Even as you practice
being present,
the mind still hops back and forth
minutely outside of this moment.

Because if you are fully present,
there is no mind.

If you are fully resting in this moment,
there is no mind,
there is no sense of control
and there is no sense of separation.

What is left cannot be perceived
by the mind
but only felt.

It is sensation
without the mind coming
in and defining or describing
the sensation.

Sensation, at this level
is energy;
one free flowing,
formless energy.

And the nature of that energy
is bliss.

Not as something separate
from everything else
but as the essence of everything.

The essence of everything is bliss
if the mind is not there to perceive it.



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