How to Avoid Negativity

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While our Research and Study Group was reviewing our information on prayer from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, I came across the following information that I would like to share with you:
Questioner: What can we do to avoid negativity?

The Council: Develop spiritually within, inside yourself. Place your entire being in a positive frame of mind at the very beginning of your day, simply by starting your day off with a prayer and committing yourself to a godly existence for that day. That is your first means of protection. But from there you must take a constant watchful eye on each and everything that transpires. It is not an easy task at first, but once you attune yourself to such a day, over a period of time it becomes quite natural and you automatically protect yourself as long as you are willing. You see, it first comes through the inner change and attitude. Make each act of yours an act that you are offering up to your Infinite Father as an act of prayer and each act then that you find yourself engaged in, check and see if it is a godly act, if it is something you wish to offer up to your god or not. You see? Very simple little things like that can help keep your entire day a godly expression, thus eliminating any effects of negativity, at least to the point where it would be detrimental to you.

Questioner: What is the best way to protect ourselves from negativity?

The Council: There are many ways, if you are talking of, shall we say, little gimmicks. There are many ways of doing that. But basically again they are only, shall we say, amplifiers for the mental attitude that must be present, such as protecting yourself with the White Light which is a very strong form, because it necessitates visualization which is a strong tool. The gemstones that we have given you in the past can be a form of protection, but you see, these are all, shall we say, little gimmicks; they are little amplifiers. The real protection comes first in your own mental attitude.

As far as your own beings and protecting yourself, keep yourself attuned to godly ways, and that is your safest means of protection. Use the visualization process of the Light that represents Christ and His protection. Those would be the simplest and most productive. A good foundation in what is godly and what is not as far as knowledge goes is very beneficial. A certain amount of knowledge is good. Then from that knowledge allow your God-given wisdom to put it into practice and to magnify it so that it becomes useful in many areas of your day-to-day existence.

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Thank you for the post!

bonya basu | Fri, 08/17/2012 - 09:43
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You can't avoid negativity, you can just force it to hide

Do not avoid negativity. This is a so unfortunate mistake. What do you think? That by avoiding it, it will vanish into thin air? When you don't allow it, it instantly finds a hiding place, beneath your consciousness, in the safe and powerful subconsciousness where it can function freely. You know very well from your own lifelong direct experience that you can't really avoid negativity, you can just make it more powerful by forcing it to subconsciousness or alternatively be aware of it in real time until it goes away by itself.

The point is to let this negativity be, not to resist it, not to avoid it and be in full awareness of it and accept it. As with anything accepted and under real time awareness, this will make it go by itself.

avi | Wed, 08/22/2012 - 06:53
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True Feelings.....

We need to understand deeply what true feelings are. True feelings are feelings which connect us to our divinity... Our innermost, highest truth.

The idea that true feelings are the basis of trust is a message that should be made very clear and shared with everyone.

Everyone should now experience their good, true feelings and begin to cultivate that faith. Go within and experience these true feelings because a lot of feelings from situations in the outside world have accumulated in the self and because of that, the true and natural feelings, like feelings of love, are not being experienced. One need to separate oneself from the feelings which have come from the outside, and now experience his true, inner ones.

Start by taking the time to experience them, and then begin the practise of putting these true feelings into your everyday life: your relationships, activities and so on. Three qualities emerge when your feelings come from this level of positivity. They are purity, truth, and determination. With these, you will find that the need to do a lot of thinking is removed. When faith operates on this level of truth, it is guaranteed that the purest desires of your heart will definitely be fulfilled. If not today, then tomorrow.

Hopelessness disappears. In fact, it becomes impossible to feel hopeless. True feelings connect you to your inner power and strength.

bonya basu | Thu, 08/23/2012 - 05:58