How to Attain Samadhi in Meditation

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"Everything in duality
is moving.

It exists in a constant state
of activity.

And if you are aware of this
constant state of activity
instead of engrossed in it,
then you experience
the bliss of action.

Instead of being involved
with the objects themselves
and their movement,
your attention remains
on the essence of the objects
and movement
which is energy itself.

Whether physical, mental or emotional
it is all energy moving.

You enjoy the constant flow
of energy as bliss.

You remain unattached
to the movement
and therefore
you watch the movement happen
as awareness itself
as bliss itself
as energy itself.

You are energy,
action arises in energy
and disappears in energy
all on it's own.

There is nothing personal
in it.

If you can remain
in this state of witnessing,
in meditation
then all action slows down.

(If you are engrossed
in the action
you empower it
and it speeds up,
but if you remain detached
as the witness it slows down.)

It is like you turn the fan off
and although the fan still spins
it loses momentum.

Thoughts become more slow
and subtle,
each burning away in consciousness
in a burst of bliss.

And then even your heart rate slows down,
breathing slows down and may even stop.

Any effort to try and do any of this
and again you are engrossed in action
and exist as ego
and separate yourself from awareness.

But as the actionless witness
it all slows down
and even comes to a standstill.

That is the point of stillness
where you disappear.

Only an extremely subtle sense
of awareness remains,
and everything seems to get reset.

When you come out of it,
every cell of your being
seems to be replenished back to it's
natural state of peace.

And so when you come out of this stillness
even if it was only for a few seconds,
everything is fresh and new and alive,
everything is radiating peace and love.

You can't do it
and you can't attain it.

But when you rest in a
state of automatically
giving up everything that arises;
in a state of effortless unattachment
then it happens.

And in this everything stops arising
and comes to a stand still.

Awareness turns in on itself
and disappears into vast
limitless consciousness.



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Culmination of meditation becomes samadhi because after it is next to meditation. Samadhi is the 8th stage/step in Yoga. When one step is matured/succeeded we proceed for the next one; hence samadhi is after meditation.

NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 06/18/2010 - 16:14