How to Attain Samadhi in Meditation

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"At the level of unconsciousness,
which is to say,
the level of being identified
with your thinking,
you are a victim of your thoughts.

Your thoughts and emotions
control you
and ultimately create your world.

But at the level of awareness,
you have the choice
of whether you identify
with the thoughts
or you let them go
and remain as the witness.

Thoughts arise by themselves.

In meditation,
we are not looking
to control thoughts
any more than we are looking
to control the rain.

But when a thought arises,
you attach yourself to the thought.

You make the thought you.
You leave this moment
and enter a dream like state
of being identified with that thought.

The thought becomes your reality.

But if your attention
is strong enough in meditation
that you are aware
of the thought arising,
then you are at choice.

You can choose to let go of the thought.

You are aware
of the thought arising
and you instantly let it go.

And this is no easy task
because you are attached
to identifying with thoughts
in the same way a drunk
is attached to drinking.

So say he decides to stop drinking.

He walks by the bar the first time
and the desire is too strong
and he has to go in for a drink.

The second time he walks by the bar,
he wants to go in
but he does not give in to the desire.

And without that drink
there is much upheaval,
emotional, physical and mental.

But the next time he walks by the bar,
it is easier to pass by.

Each time,
less upheaval,
less desire,
more freedom.

And after a while,
he passes by the bar
and has no interest in going in.

He can't even imagine
why anyone would want
to go in there on such a beautiful day
and drink such awful tasting stuff.

It is the same with your thoughts.

If you get to the level of attention
where you can see the thought arising,
then you can choose to let it go.

It maybe hard at first,
there maybe much upheaval,
feeling like you have just lost
your security blanket.

But with every thought you let go,
it is easier to let the next one go
and remain as the witness.

The thought arises about cookies,
and you really want to imagine
eating the cookie,
but you let it go.

And it hurts a little,
not having the pleasure
of imagining that cookie.

But with practice,
very quickly the bliss
of witnessing the thought
will far outweigh the tiny pleasure
and stress you get
for imagining the cookie.

And then when witnessing becomes
your natural experience,
you enter samadhi.

And you sure as heck
won't be interested in
your security blanket any longer.

You will be immersed in a peace
beyond what could be imagined.

As though every cell
has been reset
to it's natural vibration of bliss.



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