How to Attain Perfect Bliss

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"Self acceptance
is the beginning
of true meditation.

When you fully allow
everything to be
exactly as it is
then you transcend
that level of experience.

You allow the body to
be as it is
and your awareness
expands beyond the body.

You allow the emotions
to be as they are
and your awareness
expands beyond emotion.

You allow thoughts to
be as they are,
and your awareness
expands beyond the thinking.

If there is any urge
to change something,
improve something,
then there is conflict
and you remain stuck
in that which you wish
to change.

Many see happiness
as some future goal:
'If I can heal my emotions,
if I can stop reacting in this way,
if I can be free of these memories,
if I can stop my thoughts
then I will be happy.'

And so there are all
of these different modes
of healings and therapies
and belief systems
giving you the illusion that
if you just work on yourself
hard enough and long enough
then you can be a perfect person.

And nothing could be farther
from the truth.

I am not knocking
self improvement,
it has its purpose,
but it also gives you the illusion
that some time in the future
you will be good enough.

Which means you are not
good enough now.

The underlying
condition of self improvement
is that how you are in this moment
is wrong.

You are a glitch in the system
and you need to be fixed.

Yet from your natural state
of pure awareness
everything is perfect
as it is.

Not as a judgment
but that which is self evident.

So when you enter meditation,
accept yourself as you are.

This is not
'I love myself as I am'
or any other psychological therapy.

It is to accept everything as it is
all the way to the core.

You let it all be exactly as it is
without any involvement.

You let go of trying
to do it,
trying to control it
and allow that
which cannot be known
to take over.

Because then you relax into
the essence of that experience.

And the essence
of all experience
is consciousness.

One all encompassing
perfect consciousness
that lights up the whole show.

That is
the whole show.

And the nature
of consciousness
is bliss.

Perfect bliss.



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I think someone already

I think someone already wrote you this: the populistic titles, the sweeping and simplistic misuse of the term enlightenment and the inclusion of these amusing pics that are full of self importance do harm to the texts that are really nice.

Can't you give up the pretense? Pity.

sribonatar | Fri, 07/29/2011 - 07:38