How to Attain Fulfillment

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"If you are interested in fulfillment,
then what matters more
than the tasks that you do
is how present you are with the tasks.

If you are doing something
and thinking about doing something else,
then no matter how pleasant the task is,
you will not be fulfilled.

Even if you are getting a massage
and your mind says massages are great,
but you are worrying about
what you have to do tomorrow,
you will not experience any joy.

Yet if you are doing something
you might not even like to do
and you are fully present in the task,
you will experience an enjoyment
that is far beyond
any superficial sense
of happiness or unhappiness.

Many people are dissatisfied
with their job
and fantasize about doing something else.

Yet the main dissatisfaction often comes
from the lack of presence in the job,
not the job itself.

The mind makes a judgment
about the job according to the way
the mind sees itself and
then automatically resists the job
because it does not fit in with the way
the mind believes itself to be.

But you see,
all that is happening in this is belief.
You have created an idea about
who you are, what the job is
and a judgment about whether the two
mesh together well and then believe
all of these to be true.

And by placing importance on these beliefs,
you experience resistance and discontentment.

You are choosing to be unfulfilled
simply because you believe unfulfillment to be true.

But if you do not place importance
on these ideas and judgments
but rather expand your attention
beyond individual gratification
and immerse it into the very task at hand,
you transcend yourself.

And in that transcendence,
there is pure contentment,
there is pure peace.

I am not saying
that you should like or not like
what you do
or that you should or shouldn't
look to do something else.

What I am saying is you can
focus on being present with what you do
rather than your opinion about it
and in that experience pure contentment.

And it is the same with meditation.
It does not matter what you are experiencing
in this moment.

If you are fully present in your experience
you transcend all experience
and abide in a pure state of consciousness.

And it is this consciousness
that is fulfilling.

Much love,


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