How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

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"You do not need
to get yourself into
a certain state
or attain something.

You can simply
just be aware of yourself.

You can turn your attention
back upon yourself
and watch your own functioning.

Be aware of your experience,
be aware of the thoughts.

Just by allowing yourself
to be as you are
and watching what is here,
you begin to see the mechanics
of the mind.

You begin to see
how this whole
"me" apparatus
is functioning.

And by witnessing
this functioning
it all starts to break apart.

You see the spaces
between the thoughts;
the holes and gaps
in what seemed like
a solid entity.

This idea of who you are
with your problems and desires,
knowledge and fears
is seen through
as simply a whole
bunch of happenings

and you begin to experience
yourself beyond that
as something vast
and spacious.

You begin to experience
that this idea of you
arises out of this space.

That everything arises out of
this space,

and that is bliss.



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