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If there is one characteristic that defines us as Human beings it is our habitual lying. It may seem offensive and an exaggeration but it is a statement of fact and may have been adopted to make our life bearable. Escape from a problem is the easiest solution though temporary. Hence, it is easier to deny a problem than acknowledge it for if we where to admit to ourselves that we have a problem at hand then we have got to face it with all the unpleasant consequences. The sensation of discomfort brings about an automatic response wherein we begin to provide justification like whatever happens for a good. Mantra of acceptance if used in a wrong way would be no better than a formula for not taking full responsibility. This is a dangerous form of lying because we are lying to ourselves.

There is another kind of lying that makes our life easier in daily life and also gives us a certain advantage. We like to project our beautiful face and brush all that is undesirable under the carpet. The problem with this kind of lying is that we become adepts at it and forget that we are lying and start believing in it. This leads to our taking ourselves to be what we are not and we grow a mask or persona for public consumption.

Lying builds up contradiction in our lives and we leads to inner conflict and feeling of unease Problems postponed only get complicated and become bigger and more difficult to deal with. A false sense of self esteem, shame, irritability and anger are few by-products of such a habit of lying.

Thus, ‘Honesty is the best Policy’ but it needs courage and intelligence to see this.