Holy Trinity

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I think the Holy trinity in Hinduism is an important depiction. While there may be a lot hidden in their symbolism I want to explore a simple truth from the point of view of an aspirant.

Shiva the naked God stands for destruction of our usual attachments, vanity, self pride etc. This by itself would generate discontent and this energy if not allowed to escape in seeking fulfillment, would keep us on our toes. Discontent must be kept alive.

Vishnu the Lord of prosperity would in the context of the seeker be things that help his endeavour for spiritual wealth. From good literature, company of the wise (satsang) to such practices that promote remembering the aim and are nourishing to the heart fall in this category.

Brahma or the creative principal is about seeing things in a new way and this requires that we abandon our beliefs and actually Observe things for ourselves. This is by far the most difficult part and only this would help in fruition of our efforts.

Daily life must be taken in its entirety and the trinity invoked to enter it by letting the discontent be and not seek easy answers (solutions) and pursue things that are going to help our aim and keep an open mind to observe things in a new way.