His Phone Call

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It was 9 P.M., when the priest of a temple decided to call up his wife to inform her that due to some temple accounts he was trying to sort out, he would be coming home late. He dialed home, but after many rings he had to hang up because no one would answer the phone. Feeling concerned as to why his wife was not answaring the phone, he called again after a few minutes. She immediately came on the line. They talked for a few minutes. He asked her wiy she had not answere earlier. She said that the phone had not rung before this at all.

In another house, a young man sat staring at bottle of poison. He was totally disillusioned and had decided to put an end to his miserable life. His wire and children were away for the weekend, visiting a relative. He prayed, "God, I do not want to live. But if you do not want me to commit suicide, give me a signal'.

Just then the phone rang. He got up to answere it, but could not, because the little window on the phone was flashing, "LORD SHIVA CALLING", as the caller's id. He was too scared to answer the phone! But he thought, 'God is trying to phone me, its a signal that I should not take this extreme step." And he decided to live on......

Can you guess who was actually calling? Well, it was the first call made the priest who wanted to talk to his wife, but had dialed a wrong number. Do you know why the caller ID showed "Lord Shiva Calling?" Because the temple where the priest calling from, was frequented by this young man's wire and she had fed its phone number into the phone book of thier residence number under the name of 'Lord Shiva'!


(Source: Sunrays for Monday - Inspirational Stories by Priya & Sanjay Tandon published by competent foundation)

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Saibakthi hi shakthi hai he is with us always and our every second is decided by him. sairam

ravikiran_sai | Wed, 02/04/2009 - 14:23
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Faith,devotion & surrender

All is play of faith,devotion and surrender.
If some one have all of them then there is no fear for him/her in life.HE will take due care of all aspect of yours.

madan_gautam | Thu, 02/05/2009 - 17:24