Himabind Kalapala: The Mystery of Kundalini (What is Kundalini -6)

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‘THE MEDIUM’ is a beautiful word, Master used it in a different meaning. Tradition speaks about ‘Sishya’ an equivalent to disciple. Here the Medium has a different connotation – A medium is less than a Guru, and more than to a disciple. He is between the Master and the Disciple. He acts as a Guru, remaining himself a disciple. A Medium is an Ambassador between the creator and the creation. A medium is one who draws the secrets of secrets of creation and enlightens the truth seekers. He can probe into other worlds and acquire higher knowledge. He does not use that knowledge on his person. In evolution, he achieves more and more powers and become enlightened. Such Enlightened Mediums can come into contact with Masters and Mahatmas.

In general, gurus follow certain traditions. They try to keep heredity. They do not tolerate newness to enter. Such branded Gurus never become Masters. At best they become world teachers and propagandists. Real Masters do not have gurus. They are Self-realized. They need no guidance of others.

EGO IS THE FIRST HURDLE IN YOGA LIFE. It is very difficult for an ordinary person to come over Ego completely. WE FIND IN POPULAR SWAMIJIS EGO AT ITS HEIGHT. External trails are of no use. IF WE CAN REACH NIL STAGE, THEN WE CAN ANNIHILATE EGO. It will dissolve from and disappear as we travel inward into silence. Then only a disciple qualifies to receive Grace from the Master. HE MUST BE ABLE TO LINK HIS SELF WITH THE ORIGIN AND BE IN TOUCH WITH PLENTY OF PRANA LEVELS. A STUDENT OF YOGA SHOULD BE IN TOUCH WITH TRUTH ALWAYS. Then only he can be a truth seeker. He should depend on his own strength. Serious meditation adds up to his strength. Dependence on Guru should be Secondary.

Besides he must be confident that the power he acquires is not his own. It is Master’s Grace. When he is confident that nothing belongs to him, even the power he acquires is not his, he can progress. That is another easy way to devoid EGO. Then he qualifies himself for higher knowledge and Masters Grace and become a perfect medium.

Secondly, when we move into the shelter of a great Master, we can settle very easily. No rudimentary problems will disturb our meditation. It does not mean that the Master will sit by our side always. Our channels are so adjusted. Undoubtedly, we can progress step by step. We need not wait till we rectify all our defects. Rectification will be done simultaneously. All our defects will be rectified in course of time. OUR DUTY IS TO DO YOGA SINCERELY. SPIRITUAL MASTERS ARE ALWAYS KIND AND GRACIOUS. THEY ARE GENEROUS TOO. Let us remember “YOGA IS SELF-LUMINOUS”. It illuminates on its own accord. No pressure shall be given. We need Trust. If we trust our Master, it is the kindness of the Master that would ENLIGHTEN OUR SOULS.

Master Sarvari Namaskaram – Master CVV Namaskaram – Master MTA Namaskaram