The Hills beckon

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The honest bureaucrat was absolutely disgusted with life. Nothing had gone the way he expected.He was a puppet on a string dancing to different tunes.As a senior Government official, he had to say yes to the Ministers, or face their ire.His children were spoilt and had become law unto themselves. His wife was wedded to a life of luxury.He was yearning to get away from it all and live incognito in the Himalayas. One day he gathered courage and took the final decision to leave for the Mountains.
All papers were prepared for his office and family to function smoothly after his departure.There was only one more step to take before executing his plan.He had to get the blessings of his Guru, without which he would do nothing.

That evening, the Guru called him in. "What is on your mind?",he asked.
"Guruji, I am disappointed with everything in my life- my job, the behaviour of my wife and children...Shall I go to the Himalayas?"
"So you decided to run away??? Do you think you will find a substitute for all this in the mountains?"
"There is something in my heart that tells me that I should go."
"You should stay here and fight adversities and not run away. You can change the situation if you try.."
"But my heart tells me I should go."
"Dear friend, I can assure you that there is nothing in the mountains that will solve your problems which are actually here."
"How can you dissuade me like this, Guruji? You yourselves were in the Himalayas for years..."

"That was because it was in my fate!"

"Maybe it is in my fate too.."

"In that case you would have already gone instead of standing here pleading with me."

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Well said

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 07/04/2012 - 15:33