A Hike in the Spring - What a Lesson!

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Spring seems to have "sprung " here in Southern New Mexico. We went for a hike this morning in the open desert near our home. Eddy, our dog, is just starting to find lizards to chase, who just as quickly find holes to hide in. It won't be long before he will have to go back on the lead, for danger of rattlesnakes.

While Eddy was attempting to chase lizards, I started to wander off in my mind to the scene of a predator; a coyote, wild cat, fox or something, chasing a lizard or small mammal. I could easily sense the small animal's fear, and the predator's anticipation.

I began to speculate on this scene without words. No flashing teeth, no fur, no claws, just "fear ", but without the word; without the "idea " of fear. And, of course, the hopeful anticipation, also wordless. Also "idealess". What a lesson.

To see life as "wordless", non-conceptual, is to see life as it is. There is no judgment of "good " or "bad " between the predator and prey, even the names "predator " and "prey " vanish in the wordless, non-conceptual reality. Momentary fear and anticipation are just playing them selves out, and vanishing into the flow of Love/Life. Remember that the "fear " and "anticipation " are also just "reflections " of that "flow ". What a lesson.

As the Spring brings the new leaves to the trees, another lesson is unfolding. Six months ago, the leaves fell. Meditate upon this without time. Outside of time, the tree grows, comes into leaf, fruits and loses it's fruit and leaves, all at once. When we add time as a factor, we can break down this process; seasons move over time. But in fact, what we observe is "potential ". Not a "potential something ", but raw potential itself.

Grasp in your hand the tiny seed of a tree. You hold "potential ". No guaranties. No predestination, but "potential ". The entire Universe is like this seed, full of potential, but with no guaranties apart from the promise to return to itself. In the seed of the tree lives the potential for a whole forest of trees. The potential for the Universe lies in the seed known as Love.

Love, like the seed of the tree, is raw potential. It grows into everything. What a lesson.