Her Gossamer Gown... This Tapestry

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She sat on a garden chair

For hours on end

Doing nothing

Delighting in the gold fish cavorting in the pond

An eagle flew overhead

A parrot streaked across

A flash of green against the blue skies

A bunch of orange flowers

Caught the corners of her eyes

A Flame of The Forest tree

All abloom, nearby....

Tears welled up

As thoughts stirred

A little girl

Gentle loving and kind

A strapping boy

A pillar of strength

A molten heart

Yet strong outside

Always silently standing by

Little babies

Heart's delight

Danced in the landscape

Lighting up the dance floor

Of her mind

A neighbour
And she

Stood chatting for hours
Of this and that

Leaning on their front doorjambs

Bursts of laughter
Some solemn sombre discussions there

A faint smile touched her lips
A mother frail now
Holding on
Yet as tough as nails as ever

An aging aunt
And remembrances
Of tales of yore
Of giddy head
Teenage years
And kohl smokey eyes
All the rage then

And friends
Some stayed
And some that came and went
Shared joys and sorrows
And dinner and drinks
While the kids played on the swings

And the gardeners at the nursery
Waxing eloquent
Over the fragrance of the night queen
And filled little sleeves with compost
And fledgling clematis and impatiens
And jasmines
And a little lemon tree
Loading it all
In the boot of her car
"Full sunlight for this...
And semi shade for these"....

A pet
Dragging her unceremoniously
Unleashed running wild
Early morning walks
A wild delightful ride
As she barked her head off
At each passing motorist
And chased mynahs and pigeons
Ferreting nose dug into a hole in the ground
Tail wagging so excitedly
Looking to catch a creature that had burrowed deep

And the lady at the bank
A pleasant un-furrowed brow
And an easy gait
Efficiently handling her affairs
Signed forms in her hands
Back and forth she went
Taking printouts
Attaching files
"When are you due?"
I ventured
Love was in the air...
"Early next month" she said
"First one?"
"Yes" she said
As a beaming smile lit her face

A lost love
That never was
A heartache
That tore her world apart
And just as the wounds began to heal
Torn some more
Without end

And the wide open broken heart
Never looked for closure anymore

How beauteous to behold

These stories play
Themselves out

And then replay
Some more

Till the end of her life
Circling back and forth

Appearing disappearing
Spinning magical rings

She wept and wept
At so much beauty
That coloured this life

And marvelled at all the love
That had flown through her
As her

And enriched her life
Beyond measure

A blessed gift
Beyond price

This loosely woven tapestry
Her gossamer gown

She the warp and the weft

Sparkling diamante
Sprinkled all over

And the shiniest of them all
Unbelievably precious
Beyond doubt