Help from the Heavens

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Help from the Heavens

In this very interesting quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they give us insight into the working of the spiritual realms and how advanced souls may sacrifice to help another soul advance.

The Council: To answer your question, in all of Creation, in this room, there may be individuals who, for whatever reason, have treaded paths less desirable. They come to a crossroads, to an event, to an experience, and they discover that it is a threshold or a door that can bring them from the dark side to the light side. Maybe this individual had walked, shall we say, a number of very dark passages, comes to the door. For whatever reason, whether clearly thinking the opportunity through or moving on what might be interpreted as an impulse, moving through the door into the light. Let us make one point here. No one moves from darkness to spirituality on pure impulse or emotionalism. When there is such an experience, when one comes to a crossroads where you have the extremes, it is not by happenstance but it is a planned event by the soul. It is quite a drastic change from dark corridors of loneliness and depravity to the Light of God, simply passing through a doorway. Let us add here, all doorways are commitments. The individual makes that choice and passes into the light. That individual, at a soul level, before the material manifestation decided that at a point in time this would transpire. That individual could have made arrangements with other entities to be there in a special position, in a special way, to help insure that that entity stabilizes itself in the light, in other words, becomes more entrenched in spiritual concepts, it is like a helpmate. Some could say that that helpmate is an angelic being. Yes, we would agree, providing you understand the word "angelic" or "angel," a messenger of love. It is quite possible that another human physical being could be of such love that it would act as a great stabilizer, a great encourager, to that individual who has made the drastic change. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So, in essence then, that individual, that was present to help the other who made the drastic change, may be there from the heavens. Maybe that soul really didn't need to incarnate. Maybe that soul agreed in a previous lifetime while working with the soul that makes the effort to change, maybe there was an agreement there to come in one last time as a helpmate. Therefore one small item was left unattended to in the previous lifetime for the helper. Therefore a minor necessity to reincarnate. Why would a soul jeopardize themselves like that? Well, very simply put, it is a question of exercising love, exercising love. Not speaking of love, but exercising love. Living it and not just talking it. Certainly that individual who came in to help, that special being, put themselves in great jeopardy because they still must deal with the physical, they still must deal with the weaknesses of the physical. Unusual courage requires unusual spirit, unusual souls.