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SO,last week I was contacted by e mail by someone who wished to inform me that my guru(whose story I told in my previous blogs)Tirthapada was back on the planet and that my bond,connection with him was still strong AND that he had even read my blogs on here no less!

I have to say that fascinating as that premise might be,I would need some serious convincing that this person was indeed his reincarnation BUT it's made me think about what if it is and what if he DOES read my blogs about him in his previous incarnation and what would I want to say to him???

My first reaction was quite skeptical because ever since his horrible murder in 1987 so many people have claimed that they know where he has reincarnated and well they can't ALL be right so I gave up on trying to guess what,where who he might become were he to return and thought that in time if he was back it would become apparent in it's own way and it's own time.

I have thought of him often in these thirty years(oh my how time flies!)and why I became his follower in the first place and what an incredible journey that became!

His demise in that lifetime was quite horribly dramatic and left us all quite traumatised but as he was also the most excellent of spiritual teachers,I never doubted that that wonderful,magnificent spiritually potent and eternal spirit was still very much alive and shining it's brilliant,warming,dynamic golden light somewhere out there in the universe as well as in the hearts of those of us who had known and loved him in that lifetime-he was 39 years old when he was taken away in that gruesome manner and still had so much to give and to teach and share.

I always felt we would see him again-how,when,where-I left that to the all knowing one and got on with my fractured life best I could.

When I am missing his physical presence I remember most of all those beautiful,eyes and the love,compassion and understanding in them-huge dark pools that embraced us all.I felt seen on a soulular level-they were truly soul searching eyes that looked at our souls and made us feel beautiful,peaceful accepted,loved.

I'm realising I could say a lot more but it's late and I'm ready to sleep so I will pick up again tomorrow...

to be continued..