Hello again!

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Hello again friends!I have been away from computerlife for a while.I wrote a few blogs before I disappeared last year and have come across many wonderful souls on this site!

I have to be honest,I don't have anything particularly profound to say right now.

Life has been difficult,I have been experiencing many problems with anti-social neighbours,had threats,abuse,windows broken and pets taken out of my garden.

Living in this world is often just too painful for me-but well,somehow,I am still here so I will continue doing my best to remain faithful and positive.My guru described it very aptly as "The land of treacherous lower frequencies."

The year 2012 approaches-I wonder if anything out of the ordinary wil happen or not?

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hmmm,What are you loking for ? the year 2012? death ? hah...
hmmm,Who is your respected "Guru" ? i hope i can know...
hmmm,Nice to meet you...
hmmm,I think, your name itself is enough..

hmmm,your brother,
_/\_ Jasdir.

jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 03/05/2011 - 07:40
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Hello brother Jasdir!

Dear jasdir

-thank you for your message,it really made me smile!I have written about my guru Tirthapada,in my previous blogs,people seem interested to know about him even 24 years after his "death!"

What am I waiting for?GOD ONLY KNOWS!!

Best wishes
Katerina(Govinda-mohini d.d)

hmmm | Sat, 03/05/2011 - 19:48