The Heart of Mysticism — Light and Sound on the Path

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The Heart of Mysticism — Light and Sound on the Path — A Digest of Recent Sant Mat Blogs, Podcasts, and Announcements
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Third Eye

Light & sound on the path. i ofen read about sant mat which is based on Light and sound. First of all we consider SANT Who is Sant, Is They Come for self or other as be read in your given blogs. you clear with refrenses of that REAL AND HOLY SANTS such like KABIR, GURU NANK,TULSI JI, PALTOO ji and other. THESE ALL SANTS WHICH ARE MOST MOST respectable iam not this able that i coment THEY ALL write which they see. At the time of KABIR ji there also so many peoples or history of world IS he claim is Wording that Kabir say truth or other say false, Is at the time of GURU NANAK JI IS HE claim such like. But at present we all see that there is crowd of GURU JI and each & every collect gathering arround him and commonily teach that MY TEACHING IS SUPEReior and other HOLY books, religion,are false. I accept this may be write. Then please tell to world or universe that WHO ONE IS THAT WHO TEACH SANT MAT TEACHING. We all reading past written books and claiming himself a GURU. This so much shame full that human who are claiming. THE SANT WHO GIVES THE MASSAGE OF GOD TO THE BLIND SOULS. WE all are selling them. All the SANT which BOOKS we read they all see there own they never copy of other sant. But the MORDERN SANT coping that respected or REAL SANT and building there KINGDOM. but rember one thing these all KINGDOM becomes desert iff real cry of one person listen that GOD.

ram swaroop | Sat, 05/05/2012 - 12:08