A Healthy Body is not = Healthy Mind

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It is generally believed that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Without denying the need for a healthy body let me say that health of the mind is far too important & not a byproduct of healthy body. While this may look obvious, one needs only to ask how much attention we give to this aspect.

Geeta has gone into this aspect in detail while describing the three Gunas (Qualities) known as Tamas (Inertia), Rajas ( Active) & Sattva (Tranquil). i had also attempted to give some information regarding this in my blog


Let me approach this subject from another perspective. Many sages have constantly asked us to wake up. According to them the waking state of ours is but a continuation of sleep. Now this by itself may be a subject of detailed study, let us examine the state of our minds.

Some people only react when they are acted upon by a stimulus of their interest. Literally sleep is their hobby and they liberally use alcohol and other substances to induce a sleep like state. These can be classified as mentally lethargic.

The others actively seek pleasures and are in pursuit of money, name & fame. Someone may object & say that's true for most of us & there's nothing objectionable in that. Only if one realised that the seeking of stimulus makes the mind dull. One is awake so long the thing that interest him are present but he may go to sleep if spirituality is discussed. These people are full of the self & there life revolves around their interests which are not all that refined.

Now the third category is the person who is motivated by desire of knowledge. Books are his crutch and intellectual argumentation his pastime.

In order to be awake we need to go further than this & seek the essence of true knowledge which lies within.