Healing Power of Animals Part 1

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In the next two postings William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, discusses animals and healing. They also point out that a person's attitudes towards animals can give insight into the quality of that person's soul.

The Council: If you have a friend or a relative who is ailing and lonely and you give him a gift of an animal and it brings him joy and something to look forward to, you are in a sense giving them a healing. This also can be carried to an actual physical healing.

There is much to be said for those who love pets or animals. There have been many situations where the desire to fulfill the responsibility that one has to a pet has brought that individual the healing necessary to give that individual the additional time to fulfill that responsibility and also beyond that time necessary.
There are instances where there can be, shall we say, a soothing effect by animals themselves that would assist in a healing in a physical sense or what have you, but an animal itself can not actually heal per se. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Just so none of you are, shall we say, hoodwinked into thinking that there are healing cats or dogs that walk around. Continue.

Questioner: Then you might be saying that animals themselves help us in our spiritual progression?

The Council: Absolutely.

Questioner: Is it at all reciprocal? Do they have a spiritual progression and do we help them?

The Council: No. They come from a central stockpile of spiritual existence that is for man's development and growth. In other words it is a central stockpile of spiritual energy that continually remanifests in the material for the service of mankind, but mankind must assume the responsibility for that animal or for that amount of spiritual energy as it manifests into an animal in the material form. Man has a responsibility to the well-being of any domesticated animal.

There are times when the love that you give to an animal can make it, shall we say, permanent. It can give a dimension to that form or that amount of spiritual energy that would be somewhat equivalent to a soul. In other words, instead of that energy returning then to the central stockpile of spiritual energy it is held out so that it has an individual state of existence for your use at a future time or for your comfort at a future time, but in no way should animals be abused. The way an individual treats an animal can sometimes be a very good sign of the state of their soul, and also compare the way some individuals treat an animal as opposed to them treating another individual and this can also be a good determining factor in the state of their soul or this can be a factor that you use in determining the state of their soul.

In the second part of The Council's discussion on pets they will give some insight into the psychic abilities of animals and a severe warning to those who abuse animals.

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